Thursday, April 26, 2018

Mrs. O'Quilts carries on....

Karen...Lynsey wants you to know how much she loves your quilt!!
Grandma O'Quilts has been at 4 Sit and Sews this month.
Taking quick sewing pieces which have added up to quilts.
Random piecing with much fun.
The one patch = the 4 patch = the 16 patch..
Random with
The Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild
is one of my very favorite monthly meetings.
This time we had a wonderful speaker.
Cheryl Brinkey from Meadow Mist Designs
She is a chemical engineer by trade and...
a quilter by passion
 I could not resist her book when she threw in a free pattern too.
Always needing a fun pattern for jelly rolls...
Every time we asked a question, she gave us a free spool of thread.
Mouthy me...collected quite a few.
Two of these are wool spools to try...
The red spool on the far right, I must have dropped in my driveway....
Evidently it holds a new shape because I drove over it with my car.....OMG
With great recommendation, I got Making Faces from Amazon.
If I am going to eat tuna every night for dinner,
I might as well be well read.
A lovely fat quarter my sister found at Walmart!!

Out of the very blue, a grief wave has come crashing...Jeeze Louize...
This new life of mine is unpredictable..
Knowing something is one thing.
Feeling it is another.
I just knew I was so strong now???  Guess not..
...though...I knew that the month of May would be rough.
It is not even May.
Tomorrow tooth will be pulled...and I even have to pay for it..

Cinco de mother's birthday..always so festive.
May ninth, my mother's death day.
May 23rd,  my husband's diagnosis day....the monster ALS.
I remember making the poor neurologist cry when I pleaded with her
to take back that awful diagnosis...Motor Neurone disease...
June first is our anniversary.

I am three years passed the death day..
I can see him in his flannel shirt, and not the Hoyer lift.
I can walk.
But, I cannot control the life, the grief, the age.
and so much more...
I am enjoying the day.
My feet are beneath my head.
I am on my own side of the street.
I am doing the best I can...and..
I am grateful.

PS  Holly Field thank you for your comment.
I cannot leave a comment, nor follow you because there is not
an email address and I am not on Google plus.

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Mystic Quilter said...

It was good to read you had been out and about at Sit and Sews and you gave me a good laugh reading about the cotton reel and your car! However, sad to read about the dates and their memories that you're going to have to deal with, you're looking at the positive things in your life in addition and as you say, you are doing the best that you can, thats all we can do Diane x