Thursday, April 5, 2018

Where ever you go...there you are....M.E.

An afternoon in the sun, reading a book.
Then, woom..bang..swap...clunk...I miss my man.

Cleaning my sewing room...trying to be decently normal...??
I found these blocks...
Ok...We found these blocks.

Lovely dinner out with a friend...
She treated me, not only to dinner...but brought me fabric too!!!
 How darling is this??

 Added to my purple collection...Oh, bad...background is  light blue.
 Potholders always save the day....the backs:
 And the fronts...for a last September wedding...
I told you I was on it..
 Pathetic lonely potholder...
 With a piece of my grandmother's table cloth as a backing.

My friend, Margaret...the Cotton Farmer's Missouri..shared this with me.
We need to stop making our hobbies stressful

The heat has been turned back on, in Charlotte.  The sun has disappeared, leaving a brisk night.
Tomorrow night I might even have to cover the garden with sheets.
Grateful now for my cozy recliner,
for my vino tinto and a good book.
My quilts, my animals and my lovely home..
Understanding friends, and this life of mine.


Mystic Quilter said...

Oh your new fabric is so very different, not seen anything like that before, so nice of her to treat you! I read a blog the other day which covered the topic you mention regarding hobbies and stress - it was a good read and I could see just what they were saying! Anyways, I'm pleased you're tucked up in your recliner with a wine and a book and enjoy your evening with your four legged friends.

Mary said...

Cleaning my sewing room is an on-going challenge, but it does help distract me from the perils of obsessive worry.

Karaquilts said...

Oh, the new fabric is delightful! How will it appear next?? after it has been appropriately processed (fondled, drooled etc), of course!! I love your collection of whimsy.

and the thoughtful blog post ~ ~ Yes, I think we sometimes need breaks to slow ourselves down (but please don't forget about the purples! I eagerly await their fate!) and to make fewer demands upon our life and time.

And Now I am off to create another llama for today!