Monday, April 2, 2018

The Visitor and the Medallion Challenge

The Purple quilt challenge, for me is morphing
So far, the pink border with the triangle corners is set.
I am auditioning the next borders.
Sometimes the only way to see the value is by
posting it online.
Already, I think that I might add some yellow to those corners.
And, maybe the next border should be more the dark rose...
I do not know..And, it is not time for the very last border...
Plus, this is all I have of it.
Drinking red wine and snacking at 12:30 pm 
is not the time for decisions.. Things just have to sit.
 I will study these photos for a few days.
Meantime, Friday night I had a lovely visitor.
A blogging friend of many years, Portia Augustee
This talented quilter spent 6 hours chatting with me..
on life and quilts and wonderful.
It was delightful to meet another eccentric and non rule follower.
I had never, ever met her before.

She brought me these snippets...NONE of which I have...miracle.
She offered to sort my take them away to land unknown.
I said, yes.
Then, I said, no.
Then I said, yes.
Really, I did not even know this lady...she could be a fabric snatcher.
The anxiety I felt as she left with my buckets was enormous.
I have always had abandonment issues...but with fabric scraps..
Jeeze Louise.
It is not like she took all my two room stash of 50 years...
So, then I said she could just keep them.
Then I said, NO
Then I said, Yes...
Stay tuned...


Kaja said...

I like the way your purple quilt is evolving.

Teresa said...

Laughing at your indecision process....I do this all the time. I think we are kindred spirits

Karmen said...

OMG! Abandonment issues with fabric! I totally get that. After cleaning out my sewing room, and taking a box to donate to my Guild, I found myself pulling a couple of pieces out and keeping them anyway. One lady had selected some yardage out of my pile, took it to her seat, and I pined for that piece the whole meeting. Why? It's not like I gave away a child or something!