Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Eye of the Storm

A friend of mine finished a quilt, Disappearing nine patch...all made from her late husband's shirts...You go Christine...You did a great job.  It cheers me that she quilts.  It cheers me that she understands...
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Yesterday, I had planned a lovely sewing day with my MQG.
Awesome friends, awesome place.
I arranged childcare...and went to my Sit and Sew to uplift the day.

Machine was humming along when I received a distress call from my XDIl.
I love her and we are all family.
The new baby was now in ICU with acquired Hydrocephalus.
She is two and a half weeks old.
You and I both know, that life hangs by a slender string.
She was fine, then bingo...she was not.

This Sunday morning an urgent operation was performed. leaving sweet Ava with
a brain shunt and a catheter that goes from her brain to her stomach.
Evidently crises are still with O'Quilts family.
Working on accepting life on life's terms.

I just love that Evan is so interested in sewing.
I was surprised that Dylan was not.
The boys had never seen a serger before...Dear Ellen showed Evan  how.
I cannot seem to get my sewing focus back.....
Messy room, messy mind..
I could use a bag of Oreos now...
Humming instead..

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Mystic Quilter said...

Oh my dear I am so sorry to hear about Ava!! Sending good thoughts to you and the family and hoping that she will soon recover. Please keep in touch.