Saturday, April 7, 2018

Marching to My Own Drum....

Full of energy tonight, the plans were written down.
Clean my sewing room and...
Quilt a basted top...sitting around for .... how long????......

In my AD/HD mind...did that happen..??
On my way to there, I found here..
U will certainly see.
As I started in on the cleaning, I found a plastic bag that my sister had stuffed
scraps into....trying to help me organize.
I opened it up...and found.....Small HST's sewn...and random scraps.
One more day that my suffering mind has no idea where these came from...
 I also found this adorable scrap fish.
I do not know what the ordinary sewist does...
But, this is what I did, forgetting all about my list.
I was short one middle red square for the bigger Churn Dash.
Of course, out of my many solid reds...none matched.
I found a 20 year old print which I had planned to turn to the wrong side.
But, that did not match either, so I kept the printed side..
I mean , really...this was just a scrap project!!
These small blocks are 5" square, I will just put them into my charm box.
The larger one may be perfect with blue stripes in a place mat.
Our Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild makes place mats for meals on wheels.
How cute is this potholder...the backing will be put on..
some other time...hmmmm

This is what I am left with as the midnight hour approaches.
My grandmother embroidered me a small wall hanging.
"Creative minds are rarely tidy"
My grandmother had my number xo


Julie said...

I absolutely understand this change of direction despite the best intentions, but I think that's what draws me to my quilt space all the same. I know I don't have to keep my own ADD thoughts in check there every time. They can be renamed as wildly creative thoughts, and spawn incredible creations on good days. It isn't always that free and wild, but there are times we just need to let ourselves wander for the joy of it. I think it's wonderful you could do this and appreciate it. I'm with you.

Mary said...

I think your grandmother had it right.

Diane said...

One cannot create in a vacuum. I'll bet these small endeavors will spur you on to bigger things. I loved seeing your creative space!

Kaja said...

I love that you abandoned your plans and followed the creative urge. Your grandmother was a wise woman. :-)