Friday, April 6, 2018

Medallions and Purple Process

The plan here is to put space between the center piece
and the outside borders.
Choosing the feather for the value, not the colors.
For, even though the colors are blue and pink, etc
The value complements the light coral of the first border.
I think, anyway...
Checking the width of the feather border...
It is pinned up, looking for a way to insert the yellow/green, ,maybe
I will make another hour glass block with purple and chartreuse.
I love to work this way.  It is time consuming, but so rewarding.
I used to know where I bought all my fabric and
where it is displayed on my shelves.
Sorry to say that I have lost my touch...and my fabric locating mind.
This is the second day that I have not been able to put my
hand on fabric that I wanted...and knew it was there...someplace.
So frustrating to know that you used to...but not anymore.
Reminders are everywhere...when I had my hair cut last week
My hairdresser of 20 years, put some grey in the back...of my hair.
I swear!!! And I had thought she liked  me.
Reminiscing that I can no longer body surf in the cold Pacific ocean
And I can no longer roller skate, nor ride a bike.
My task is to figure out what I can do now..
Read and sew and lunch and laugh with friends..
Throw in a nap or two..and it sounds so good to me.

I spotted this lovely with the purple flowers.
I had thought it would work, alas, it reads as blue.
And, it is too dark.

I have been relaxing with my 5 days free of grand-darlings.
And, then it hit again...that ALS/G thing, and the distortion that comes with it..
My son texted me not to let anything get in the way of enjoying the day.
Wise advice.

So, made myself check off some lists..
eg, my annual asthma review...I got an A+, no asthma present!!
Went to the store for boring things like air filters...but check!!
Sent out some texts to friends.
Then I read and read and napped.
Tomorrow it will rain all day, says the weather person.
Right up my relaxing alley...
I could start dreading the upcoming back to school week.
But I am not going there!!!


Karaquilts said...

I don't know why "enjoy your day" is so hard ~ ~ but it is. At least for me who thinks ten miles ahead of myself. and then I learn that the psycho babble word of wisdom is: mindfulness. Being in the moment. I can usually manage it for a few seconds here and there!

But I shall wish us both lots of "mindful" moments for the rest of the weekend :) :)

and eagerly await the next purple quilt update! I'm learning from you ~ ~

Mystic Quilter said...

I think I could use some mindfulness at the moment!!! Enjoy your relaxing day even if it's raining out of doors, I quite like the rainy days I feel no guilt at hiding myself sway in my sewing room and quilting. I'm pleased your asthma check went well and your son had some good advice for you.
Keep searching for that perfect border fabric - it will suddenly miraculously appear tucked away somewhere "safe"!