Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Amazing Grace

Baby Ava is home from the hospital already.
Diagnosis Saturday morning at 9:30.
In hospital ICU by 10:15..
ICU and operation Sunday morning.
Mother and baby sent home today, Tuesday.
Modern medicine is a miracle..
Baby has a shunt.
Both are doing well..

I guess worry is while I am so irritable tonight.
Or is it all the medicinal chocolate I have been eating..ugh..
On to sewing.
 Evan owed me some time for his behavior...Tonight  he filled bobbins.
He did all the reds and yellows to complete my bobbin stash.
Friday night he did all the greys and whites!!
When I find more bobbins, he will do pinks.
Amn't I so lucky!!
The above signature album quilt has been sitting around a long time.
the other day, I secured it with straight line stitching.
It  is ready for a bit of free motion now...
I am not good at that...but practice, I hear makes perfection, or progress anyway..
There are a number of blogs motivating me to finish up WIPs or UFOs :)
Worked a bit on the above...Everything sewn together,
but the yellow...It is too dark..ugh..
Funny how we only notice that from a distance.
I want to do slow sewing on this one, because I am quite fond of it..

I thought this post was adorable.
unbelievable necktie stuff..

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