Tuesday, April 3, 2018


The Easter visit from my son, made my day.
Just the two of us out to lunch at Eddie's!!
It has been a long, long time.
There have been way too many times I have had to tell him,
No, he cannot visit.
 Since the children were just home from the Easter Bunny's house,
I  let him spend the night...so unheard of...but,
he was in great shape, and I wanted to seize the day.
It was the right move.  He is stable, just for today, on Methadone.
He played with his children in the creek, twice..
He filled all my pots with new soil
Putting the children to work...it was a family affair...with, of course,
Grandma here...the boss!!
 The back garden...all planted in pots..with pole beans inbetween
We do have a proper garden, but it no longer gets sun.
This is our only sunny spot in the back.
The front yard hosts tons of deer...lets see if they like pole beans.
It was Lynsey who missed the gardening we did when Granddaddy was alive.
Here we planted tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and beans.
 Quilty doings include more snipping and washing.

Tonight when my XDIL came for her children,
I held Ava...one week old.
It is truly a miracle.
I want Ava to call me Grandma...too..
But, she has grandmas of  her own.
That is a good thing after all.

I now have 5 days free.
It is Spring Break!!!
I have four Sit and Sews scheduled this month
Free to get my  hair cut and go to my grief therapy.
Free to sew and chill.
Today was the day, that my daughter did my bills.
She found a charge of $53.80 on the Xbox account...
No, not approved by Grandma.
Who is the culprit???
Hello...it is 8 year old Dylan...so advanced for his years.
He did it on his cousin's Xbox..using his brother's account.
OMG...Evan knows to ask..but who would ever have suspected Dylan.
Am I in trouble???  He asked...
Hmmm...let's see  how much work around this house equals 50 bucks!!

I went to my pool class toting 3 children with me, I-pads in tow.
They were smart mouth all the way in the car.
Once there, their halos appeared...They are quick change artists.

I am going to take a break with my purple challenge.
I have to look for a certain fabric for a bday present.
Where in my mess would it be/???
I am quite the organizational misfit.
A happy April post.


Karaquilts said...

So love the pictures of the productive family activity, and am glad you seized the moment with good results.

And I smiled to note the small red square smack in the middle of the fox field! Nice touch. Sure to bring smiles to some little one in the future.

I suspect Ava will call you Grandma as it is the name she will hear from big brothers and sister ~ ~ after all, no one can have too many Grans!!! I will think of you in your quiet rest of the week. Enjoy every moment.

Mystic Quilter said...

So happy to read your Easter post!! Sounds like your five day break is going to be busy.