Saturday, July 20, 2019

WIP...Works in Process

Such a fun time at Guild Sit and Sew today.
I am finally getting to this Halloween bit..
Four Patch Frenzy
Hope I can sew it together tomorrow.

Last night was  the night I found that I had 10 large rotary cutters....all needing new blades.
That is the result of trying to clean my sewing room.
I have put new blades in them need a special place...hmmm

I finished up the last three of the 8 place mats, I had made for the Modern Quilt Guild for  next month
Hope I remember to bring them to the meeting.

Summer cooking school for teens Whole Foods
Grandma paying anything to keep the 14 year old from just hanging out..
Even was only a week, it was a great success.
He hated the idea...but he loved it once he got there.
He was so proud.
The students prepared lunch ...wonderful
They prepared the lunch from 10 to 1...Then they each brought a visitor to lunch at one.
I was so excited it was me...
At the end of the luncheon, Evan said that I was not too embarrassing.
THAT was the  highlight of my life.
Proud of the desserts he helped make.

Now I hear that Mr.O'Quilt's roses may have the deadly Rosette virus..
Stay tuned...ugh

Just wondering how a formerly smart person would end up eating all of Linda's cookies,
plus all of Eamon's candy...and end up with a sugar stomach ache...
MOTHER, I have turned into you.
I remember when you ate all the Easter bunny candy and had to run out for more the night before.
And you did that every year!!!

RIP Dear Mother RIP


Cjsmimi said...

Checking in instead of reading my SS lesson...on The Purpose Driven Life. Your family loves you so much and that is the BEST blessing! When I read your blog, I always learn a lesson for my own life. Thank you, Diane. ��

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I love it that he invited you to the lunch and was happy to be with you. He is at a hard age, transition from child to adult.

When I change my rotary blades I write the date with black marker on the blade in near the center hold so I don't forget if I changed a blade or not. It gives me a good idea of how long a blade lasts too.

Teresa said...

Cute Evan and now he is becoming a chef! Love the bright colors in your quilt mixed in with the black and white 4 patches