Wednesday, October 29, 2014

All day, All night, Angels watching over me....

I am now convinced about the angel thing...
Oh, my.  As if we did not have enough going on today.  A phone call from school for Evan, age 9..via monkey bars...a totally broken wrist in two parts.
  All day again in the hospital.
  In fact, I saw some folks from the previous visits who recognized me...!!
Seems that I am frequent flyer, unfortunately. 

So brave is my oldest grand in his Carolina blue cast...
 And, come on...didn't the doctors and nurses say that he sang Disney songs along with their I-pad all thru the surgery!! ha!.  He remembers nothing.
Hemby children's hospital ER is awesome...not to mention our dear Dr. Lee...who seems always to be there to rescue us when we need him so.
I left the house this am at 10:30 and arrived back at 5:30.  A quick Hydrocodone to help my boy with his pain and a quick kiss to his 5 year old sister who was totally jealous...Lordy..
And, then a peek at my dear man.
Oh, no...he was not well.
 A call to the Hospice nurse.  Morphine for the first time help with his breathing.   He seems to tolerate it with no side effects and is a tiny bit better.  He wants me to sleep on the sofa with him tonight..
.So we have one sick upstairs and one sick downstairs and...What can I say???

A big thanks to Angel Ava for finding these CNAs for me.  I now have hired help for 8 hours a day with my sister filling in.  TBTG
And Angel Ava sent a yummy dinner...just in the nick of time.
 My man is just not himself, he is just not well.
We also have on board the door guy...Andy.  One door is complete and the other to be done tomorrow..Angels galore.  I am so grateful:)
One bit this week when I was actually able to chill...I saw these interesting clips...check them out.


http://thankfullga447 said...

You are an amazing person. God Bless you.

Holee said...

Sorry for not being much support this week. The move has been hard on me and then DGD put us through another few days of trauma.

That's a terrible break! Little boys just don't seem to be able to get through childhood without these kind of "hurts".

Glad you found help. It makes it so much easier to have strong backup. You are in my thoughts. I look for your post first when I can get on line. Just keep letting those angels help you!

Sharon said...

Oh no! The fun never stops at your house. So sorry to hear of Evan's injury - fortunately, he's young and will heal fast. Bad break tho'. Ouch.
Hope you're able to get some rest. Thank goodness you have angels helping you!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Oh dear, poor Evan, that really is quite a break. It's good to hear you have such wonderful angels around you.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Hope Evan's pain soon eases. Pleased to hear the Angels are supporting you. Hugs.

ES said...

Get well soon Evan! Poor boy! I hope everyone can make a fuss of him and he can feel a little bit special with his amazing blue cast. Sorry to hear the your husband is feeling bad. Hugs to you all, your in my thoughts each day now. xx

Barb said...

poor boy - but he'll have his "cast" story - a right of passage.
I broke my wrist in 4th grade.
xoxo to you and Mr. O I hope he can rest comfortably.

smazoochie said...

Oh my! If it's not one thing, it's another at your house!
Dear boy. Dear man. Dear you.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Well my dear, I'd say you are being pulled in every direction. The broken wrist looks very painful and I know kids heal quickly and don't seem to complain as much as we adults do.

I pray the morphine continues to help Mr. O and you are all in my thoughts and prayers.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Been there,done that and it's too much work and not enough fun. I called my broken wrist, after its surgery, my alien implant. I thought I was inside an alien space ship in the operating room. Tell your brave boy that I am impressed and not to be surprised if he gets alien transmissions ala ET phone home 😱 And to keep singing. Hugs hugs