Monday, October 6, 2014

Figuring it out

 Con mucho vino tinto...tonight's choices are...hmmm 
Should I watch:  Moving Gracefully Towards the Exit
Or Should I read:  The Ladies Number One Detective Agency, volume five???
Or..maybe this new arrival purchased on Amazon just before my new austerity program??
All the visitors from London and Ireland make my heart sing...and when they go home....what do we have????  They QUILT!!!!  How exciting:)
My niece (Cousin Ann) and the anniversary quilt she just finished  for her parents.

  My other niece, Fiona...getting with the program back in Currenrue, Co Galway.
My sister-in-law Maura lusting after fabric in a quilting store in Ireland:)

As for me..I am just sitting here trying to finish off my basted quilts as I pensively listen to the hum of Mr.O'Quilt's suction machine, the bed mattress, the breathing machine.  My sister is here waiting  to give the 6 o'clock tube feeding, my daughter is making dinner and bro Declan has taken the kids to Karate.'
Our world is rapidly changing.  People are leaving treats for us on the porch.
Joan left three nice pumpkins with boxes of soup for himself from Trader Joe's...Thank you Joan.
The feeding pump will arrive tonight with more feeding lessons tomorrow.
I cannot wait to show the quilts I have of all three will be this weekend.
I think I will compromise with green smoothies and M&M's.
Lynsey wet her pants at Kindergarten, Evan cried because he couldn't play with friends and Dylan acted out at Karate....but Uncle Declan took care of all that drama..TBTG
Muggs took me to lunch and listened to me talk.  She may be a saint???......I guess I am on a pity party roll and it is not even midnight!!!  Dinner will help.
  I will really try to keep this a quilting blog instead of a therapy one...but...sigh.
I look around and see at least 25 unfinished on my new budget, my goal is to finish.
Hugs to you all for listening..Well hugs to you all anyway.


smazoochie said...

As a representative of your readers/listeners -- we are reading/listening with full hearts & longing to be able to more.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I'm glad you have friends to take you out and listen to you. You NEED to be voicing your frustrations out loud to listeners who don't judge or pity you. It is part of your healing and dealing with all of this unexpected stuff.

Mary said...

Keep on sharing, it's good for you and for us too. I look at UFOs and a fabric stash as a savings account for those times when, for whatever reason, I cannot go buy a new project.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Girl, write what ever you are moved to write! Being real is a gift you give to yourself and also to others who can handle, "real."

One moment at a time, one hour, what ever it takes....I think of you and want you to know that I can't be there to do feedings (I do know how) but I can are lovable, loving and loved....and this too shall pass. Breathe....take in the joy, love and kindness you find....for that is what life is all about in the first place.

Bridget said...

I am with you. Not in a stalking way, which would be totally weird, but listening.

Karaquilts said...

I have been a silent "friend" but a praying one. You are brave and wise with all of your honesty, and I have come to love and value your insights and frankness. Too many people pretend everything is okay, when they really want to scream.

I can send you silent prayers and heart hugs, when I know you are at the end of your rope ~ ~ and isn't it amazing that every time we reach the end of the rope, it seems to stretch a bit further?

You bless me every time I read ~ ~ quilts are how we survive and cope, so as wonderful as they are, they are way down the list in comparison to the heart of a woman in pain.

Extra hugs tonight ! !
Your new friend, Kara

myrtovl said...

You give me so much courage by listening to you, my husband had his second stroke one month ago and our lives have changed a lot although he is recovering now, I feel as if you are one of my best friends although we live so far away and we are completely strangers...
Myrto in Athens, Greece