Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Tempest

When life in not in balance in one area, everything seems out of balance to me.  The tempest.  Or, the tornado...or as the Thesaurus says...the williwaw.  I like that one best, but it is only from the straits of Magellan, not from the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. 
 Too bad, because williwaw just rolls off the tongue in an exciting way.
So, is it hoarding or collecting?  Mundane, but remember I am off balance.  Can the hoarder or collector ever retire??  Me think it is a chronic relapse issue.
Really, I think it is late at night. 
Here is my latest in fabric therapy...and perhaps the last for now.  
Such happy colors and soft good quality fabric.
 My dear man says that we need to cut back a bit.  What???  Was he talking to me?
We need to do some hiring of help for the feeding tube business which has been a real nightmare.  Not only was Himself in a lot of pain in the hospital, but the learning curve for tube feeding is horrendous. 
 The williwaw comes home. 
 Washing the wound, wearing gloves, everything sterile...pouring formula down the tube at just the right speed, being careful that the stomach juices do not come up and squirt a person in the face.  Being sure that the patient is not fed too much so they throw up.  Tube feeding takes about 45 minutes/ 4 times a day. My daughter and I are feeling quite faint, but lucky us, my sister rises to the occasion...sigh.  The home health nurse has come 2 days for 3 hours each time, to give lessons...we are a slow learn in nursing things. 
 Hiring help to lift him and transfer him and tube feed...$15 an hour x 4 x 30 a bit more than my fabric budget. 
 Just sayin' you see...just mulling things out loud so I can get a grip.
When fretting became too intense, I made this doll quilt. 
Good news....Mr.O has a brother Declan.  He came in to visit from Dublin town just in time.  
He is here for a week.  TBTG
Really, Thank you, thank you, thank you Declan...for coming to Charlotte to save the day!!


smazoochie said...

And you sew on, to keep your humor & sanity.
Bless you all.

Holee said...

I feel for you. My son once had a direct line. Same kind of worries, gloves keeping everything sterile, worrying if I was letting air get in the tube. I'm not much of a nurse and I found myself so up set at times I got sick so we cut back to afford the daycare nurse. He also had to be lifted with a full body cast on and being a 6 foot teenager was just not something I could manage alone. We also had the lift but it made my son so nervous when we used it that it just wasn't worth trying.

You'll find a way to cut back and it will be so much easier on you. My thoughts are with you and my prayers for easier days.

Bridget said...

I am so glad you have sewing as your therapy. Time to raid the stash, after making something pretty with the new fabric. Best wishes to you and your fam.

Mary said...

I am so glad you daughter, sister and brother in law have been there to help you out. You are in my prayers. Keep stitching.