Saturday, October 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Muggs

Last year I was experimenting with string quilts on legal size paper when I got fed up with the process.  The computer paper was too hard to remove and it was just too much.  So I downsized my plan.  This lap quilt was the result.  Just happened that the initials of a very good friend showed itself here.. Muggs...whose last name starts with a W!!  How perfect is this.  I know that u have seen the top before.  Here it is all finished and delivered today...a birthday present.  After sitting around for a few years as a top, I finished it in one evening...come on Diane...looks like procrastination to me.  I think she liked it.  Her mother and husband did
My girl is now at the airport dropping off Uncle Declan for his trip back to Dublin.  We all cried. He was a wonderful support throughout the crisis of last week.  And, he took the kids to Karate every single day..oh, my...Uncle Declan, thank you sooo much for brightening our week.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Love your quilts. They are a wonderful gift and mean so much more with the fact you came up with them during such a challenging time. May more Uncle Declan and quilt starts and finishes continue to appear and bleddt you in all ways.

smazoochie said...

It's a fabulous quilt, so much to see.
Happy Birthday, Muggs!

Mary said...

I just know Muggs loves the's beautiful!