Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Correction and then the Blue Square Quilt

 One of the UFO quilt tops I finished the other day was this scrap quilt.  Just some 2.50 scraps and some blue fabric.  I like it a lot.  The rainy day didn't make for such a good pix, but that is ok.
You know that late at night I am prone to melancholy.  Beth reminded me that folks may think I am disappointed in them from my last night's post.  Not, not and not.  I have women friends galore who give with their whole heart. and some men...they fix the garden, they fix the car, leave food on the porch, give gift cards...etc...I guess what the post was about in my heart of hearts was the men friends of my husband...It only takes a text or email once a week.  Or is it my distorted projection of my dear man sitting alone waiting for the angels..when a quick weekly email could cheer him up.  No more posting for me past 9 pm!!!

And now I see that my blog has been hacked.  I changed my didnt work..(:  ugh
My girl is home from a dinner out with her friends...With a click click click...she found a stray widget in the behind the scenes of my blog... in computerland...and she destroyed the hacking creeps!!!!!!  Yeah Emily, and thank you Rachel for spotting it.


smazoochie said...

I hope I didn't misunderstand & I hope you didn't misunderstand me. I know what a tight & amazing group of friends you have -- truly selfless & willing to help in any way.
I guess I was going by my own experience of my Mother's decline & death, when people were either cautious or shy about asking about or expressing concern & ended up not saying anything. It was painful.
People in general & men in particular are cautious & shy. Me? After my experience, I plow in like a bull. Better I be rebuffed than the person bearing the cross to not know my concern.
Peace to you all.

ES said...

The backing fabric of your quilt is cute! Keep on posting, writing your thoughts down probably helps you, I know it can help clear my mind sometimes :)