Friday, October 24, 2014


In polite company talking about money is so not okay.
 I am way past polite company at this point!!
Even though my dear man has saved for his retirement and we are debt free, we are at great risk with a catastrophic illness.
 Getting my politics up again...again.
Just FYI
In America, Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike get ALS, Parkinson's Disease...etc..So in the government, working hard on legislation for catastrophic illness would be much better than all the infighting for control.  
Whew...I got it out...again.., just sayin'.
Friday's update:
Depression.  Himself is now sick of being sick.
He is depressed, anxious, sad, scared and claustrophobic. 
 I cannot wait to get him home for some non institutional TLC.
We are ordering a batch of Prozac or about a very large family bottle!!
(but I do prefer vino tinto)
Today I found out that Ensure complete along with Benecalorie...(formula for his feeding tube) is costing us $420 a month for his feeding alone.  Medicare will cover the Ensure through Hospice, but the extra is $180 on us.  He is loosing weight like crazy so the Benecalorie is important for him to live.
We have now hired a CNA for $16 an hour...He will come 4 hours a day for $64 a day for 30 days is....$1920 a month.  We may need him more.
Now I just buried my mother 5 months ago....and as you know for 12 years, she paid $5000 a month for her care...every bit of the sale of her house...and every penny she had.  That is more than 1/2 a million dollars!!!!
She died just in time to be out of money...
WHY am I going on so?????
Not that we are destitute and need money...BUT for all to know.
I didn't know all this before it happened to us.  Education is important...but then, maybe I still would not have paid attention to the money.
I totally have my Mama Bear up...I love advocating!!!  Mr.O will have the best, believe me.
But why should I have to fight for the human dignity when ALS is already enough.
Whew...I am a mess since my organic daughter is visiting her man working in Minneapolis...well I just decided to indulge!!!!!
I so love my support system..You all..
and....chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone with chocolate sprinkles!!


inese said...
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Holee said...

I just don't understand why you can't get some help. I'm thinking maybe because the lotto helps Seniors in Pennsylvania that maybe each state is different. I know when we lived in Texas they had very little help. In fact they were refusing new Medicare patients.

My prayers are with you everyday.

ES said...

Chocolate!! Hooray for chocolate :) You are in our thoughts. xx

Julie said...

What? No M & Ms??? Me thinks you need another pass at the perfect ice cream cone!

smazoochie said...

I've noticed that many politicians change their health care tunes once they have been down a road similar to yours. This country is so broken & seems to be getting broken-er.
I hope it helps a little, but I think of you & yours every day.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I. Don't know what to say to help you. You should be concentrating on your man not worrying about finances.

Rachaeldaisy said...

If you want to rant - go for it!! It such a shame the system is what it is. I'm really hoping Mr can get some relief with some medcation. And you Diane, can have the biggest chocolate icecream whenever you want one!

Sunna Reyr said...

It used to be so in Iceland that the public insurance system took care of almost everything. Now politicians with their high pay are bringing us nearer and nearer to the American way. I DON´T like it, I HATE it. So rant all you want, you have a follower here.

And ditto what Rachael said about the ice cream.