Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cousin Joe Saves the Day

Is it happenstance or the hand of God?...You tell me!. 
 How could it be that Cousin Joe from Dublin would just happened to be working in Raleigh this week and could drive down for a visit during our crisis??!!  He has been the best.  He has taken the grands for a long walk in the woods, he did the dishes just like Nora taught him to, he helped rearrange the furniture in my man's room for tomorrow.  And, he is going to stay tonight and help with discharge. 
 Yup, Mr. O'Quilts is coming home tomorrow!!!!  That is a very good thing.
The Hospice nurses have promised to be on hand at all times to help him and to help us.
 Last night my sister took the kids to the big Karate Trunk or Treat party.
  Look what they came home with and it is not even Halloween yet.  They are all in bed.....hmmm 
and... I have already eaten every single one of the Butterfingers:)
 Here is my cat, Pumpkin with her friends...This is her kind of season!!!
 My new ironing board cover..all duct taped down with the help of Cousin Joe and my sister:)  The stains just would not bleach out of the giraffe one.
And so it goes.  My dear man comes home tomorrow after two weeks.  Ambulance transport is set for 12:30, Hospice home admitting nurse comes at 1:30.  The next phase begins. 
 He is struggling.  There is no change. 
 Cousin Joe and I visited twice today for 10 minutes each time.  My dear told us that that was too much.
  He is so fatigued.  I hate blood clots. 
 They are the complication that we did not expect that have aggravated the ALS.
Thank you for all your comments.  I hate not to reply when you all have been so good.


Rachaeldaisy said...

3 cheers for cousin Joe!! It's great he's there to help with the discharge tomorrow. That's a lot of candy for Halloween! It's fun to see chickens on your ironing board. All the best for tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you all as always.

ES said...

Good luck for tomorrow, I too shall be thinking of you all. I'm glad the kids have had a chance to collect some candy! I'm sure they enjoyed that very much. xx

Mary said...

Good luck on the discharge. (I love Butterfingers too!)

smazoochie said...

The support of your family & friends warms my heart.
I hope all goes well today & Mr. O'Q feels more comfortable at home.

Margaret said...

Love and hug

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Wow lots of sweets already. Great news that you will have some help today . Hugs,
The cat looks very comfy.
Thinking of you all.