Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Life on a Roll....

This morning I delivered Liliana's quilt....way overdue..
 ..and the finished doll quilt for her 3 year old sister Eva.

 Since Kristen moved an hour away, I have had to re-assess my stash.  She has everything folded like in a magazine...however, I cannot find a thing without texting her...not good.  Close your eyes K..if you are reading this...ugh..while .looking frantically for my pink cupcake fabric, without finding it.. all I did was leave a mess behind(:
Mr.O'Quilts is now starting four tube feedings a day.  They last for an hour and a half each.  My sister and my girl have it all down to perfection, but..they need me to learn too.  Tonight for some reason I was well...I have had concussion symptoms for the past few weeks..but tonight..better. 
 I had a lesson.  Starting slowly.. 
We have some wonderful core friends...others shy away...they do not know what to say, or they do not want to be a bother.  I understand. I saw all that when I worked at Hospice  years ago.  Thank goodness that there are three of us here and family coming across the pond to visit and help.  The Mister no longer is able to talk on the phone...voice a whisper.  We are so lucky to live in the age of texting and email.TBTG.
Emily's beau arrives on Wednesday for a few days.  That  should be a very good thing.
Now...for that pink cupcake fabric.....


smazoochie said...

I'm always telling people that their reticence can come across as indifference & if they don't know what to say, just say I'm sorry or I'm thinking of you. But, well, you know too well. I'm sorry you're feeling let down by friends. Bless your heart for allowing them their human weaknesses.
I'm sure you made 2 girls very happy with those quilts. Kristen, she's another story.

BlueRidge Quilter said...

Those quilts are adorable and I'm sure they loved them! Hope to see you tomorrow and catch up with you and the Queen Bees.

Mary said...

The two quilts you finished are beautiful and I am sure they will be loved. I hope you were able to find your fabric before you had to go through every piece!

ES said...

It's tough! Life's tough! I think in this last 18 months I've started to say to myself 'just try and say something, even if it's the wrong thing to say, hopefully they will understand I was just trying to say the right thing'. Sometimes there isn't a 'right thing' to say!