Thursday, October 23, 2014


When I was a flight attendant I remember terrible turbulence going into Panama.  I was standing right next to an empty passenger seat.  The G-force was so great that I could barely clasp the seat belt.  Once we landed, all the flight seat belts on them...went to the hospital.  For weeks, I had large hemotoma  bruises all over my body from just getting into a seat.  
That's how I feel now...turbulence all around and I do not have a seat belt on. 
The good and bad in life as depicted in quilting...ha ha...below is the good...a birthday boat block I made for Muggs fun to do.
 Then, the experiment that did not work to the scrap bin with you.tomorrow. Time is not to be wasted on the ill conceived ideas.
Such a difficult day.  Mr. O now has anxiety and is asking for Ativan  every 4 hours.  He feels claustrophobic because he cannot move his body, his swallowing is so much worse today.  I am sure he feels like he is choking.  He takes all nutrition through his peg-tube.  His shortness of breath continues. 
 ALS has trapped my dear man in his own body seemingly in 10 days..
 I sat with him all day today, my daughter sat tonight. 
 The social worker is tentatively planning discharge home on Monday with Hospice care.

The greatest of all news...friends..oh, yes!!   Anne and Jennifer brought food, Jason and Pat showed up with pine needles for the yard and put them around.  Jason organized my refrigerator in the garage with drinks...ha!!  I told him I would put a pix on my blog:)  Muggs keeps putting diet coke and books for me on my porch. MP ordered the Elsa costume online for Lynsey.
And Cousin Ann gave me a gift cert to
I was so excited with that one, that I looked over the sale today and ordered...I mean really..cheaper than any other kind of therapy...and then...and then..
I forgot to use the gift cert!!!!
That is my brain on empty.  I never ever would have spent the money without it.
Also, when I go to see my man, every day I miss the turn off to the Hospice facility..every day.  So, sigh!!
Thank you so much everyone.  And even though I do not answer the comments, believe me they keep me going.  I need them so much. xxoo 


Mary said...

I remember missing turns during my mother's last illness too. You continue in my prayers. I am so relieved that you have friends close to you during this time.

Karen at Birdsong Cabin said...

You all are in my thoughts! HUGS to you.


beth said...

Diane, You and your family are so much in my thoughts and prayers these days. A big (((hug))) for you.

ES said...

Could you email the fabric shop and explain your dilemma?? thy might be able to do some magic (fingers crossed). I thank goodness for you RL friends who are watching out for you.

We've had a rainy morning that cleared up and now it is sunny, I took the kids to the park and they have run off some of their energy (I hope!!). xxxx

Rachaeldaisy said...

No need to reply to comments , I think everyone understands you have enough in your plate at the moment. It's so good to hear people around you are helping out and supporting you.

myrtovl said...

Oh Diane, at least it is so good you have such supporting friends and relatives, my thoughts are with you and your Mr. O.

Barb said...

hang in there - thinking of you today

Karaquilts said...

Hugs and more hugs. Thoughts and more thoughts ~ ~ all wrapped with prayers for each of you.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers, Hugs coming your way.

Sunna Reyr said...

A friend told me once that if I wanted or needed to send soothing/healing thoughts/feelings to someone to imagine them in pink. So I'm seeing you, your dear man and the rest of your family all wrapped up in soft pink quilts.

Hugs from Iceland.

Maria Stine said...

Love to you all... So sorry for this.