Saturday, November 21, 2015


I mean, broken in robbed..
My grandmother's pig was displaced but not broken..TBTG
Within an errand of two hours yesterday, my home was robbed.
All televisions, all the I-pads that the children use for homework,
Evan's I pod, my camera....stolen...
Camel's back must be very very strong here....
Last straw keeps on coming.

Police think it was my gone crazy on Meth..
Police know him, they like him, they talk to him.
Disease has devoured him.

My mother knew:

Heart like crushed crystal glass
Never to be the same
Broken bits of memory
Embarrassment and shame
The addict with an addled brain.

    from Daydreams by Alice Franzen Clemons Burt in broken I sit in my recliner..all in run over by a truck.

They did not take this:
I will tell the children that I left the door open by mistake and someone came in to take our things.
I do not want them to know it was probably their beloved father..
And on goes the Muldoon saga...


rondiquilts said...

I have been following your blog since just before your Beloved died. This post is the saddest. It has just brought me to my knees. I am so sorry.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Unbelievable yet believable. One after another.Foot that is.After a while you'll have to start laugh or all you'll ever do is cry.

Holee said...

You have it all together more than you know. Telling the kids would only bring on grief that small children should not deal with. You are certainly a wonderful guardian.

We had one Heroin addict, my brother's son. He never made age 21 and in his short time here on earth he cleaned out his relatives homes more than once...when we talked about it we decided he needed it more than we control over the monkey.Only God can reach out to these people, they no longer have room for love in their hearts or the time to think about anything but where the next fix will come from.

Talking about it saves us from overload. Lay your head on Mr. O's pillow and talk to him about it. Look at the beautiful photo you posted of times past and hold those times close to you. This will pass. Homework will get done. Santa might bring new stuff and the children will keep on loving you and feeling safe. Your son is still there, hidden in the life the criminal drug dealer gave him. He is a victim.

I think those of us who read your blog have come to love you.'s time for someone close to give you a hug, put their arm around you and just let you feel weak. I get so tired of hearing "you're a strong woman"...I don't want to be strong, I want someone to comfort me and I'm sure you could use a little of that too! So here are hugs from far away...if I wasn't sick I'd drive on down and give you some real hugs!

Chay said...

Excuse my language, but holy shit. This is almost more than one person can bear. I am so sorry for your troubles, you have been tested beyond the point where one person should be tested. I hope you can stay strong, find strength in the love of your husband and know that he is with you in spirit.

Unknown said...

Oh Diane, no!!! This is terrible for you and the kids. If it was your son I am so so sorry. It must be a terrible thing for him, such a terrible addiction. Oh oh oh, I am hurting with you.

smazoochie said...

A shoe-wearing centipede must live at your house, because another shoe always seems to drop.
Oh my word. I am sputtering, I don't have words to express how sad I am for you, how much I wish I could help.
Do whatever you need to make EVERYONE feel safe & BE safe in your home -- new locks, bars on the windows, WHATEVER is needed.
Mine is only an ether hug, but it is a big one.

Ellen Guerrant said...

Oh Diane, my dear friend. I am so very very sorry this has happened. I cannot imagine your shock and sadness. Thinking of you and sending love. This is just too much. Immerse yourself in your fabric and the wonderful, whimsical things from your mother and grandmother. Please know how much you are loved.

ES said...

You've brought me to tears, my dear friend Diane I wish I could hug you and then scream for you!! That just totally sucks. Just put one more foot in front of the other, what else can you do? Xx

elsy said...

big hug from across the pond......

beth said...

Oh, Diane! I am so, so sorry.

beth said...

Oh, Diane! I am so, so sorry.

Unknown said...

Diane, I am so very sorry. Big hugs!!!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Far out!!! This is nuts!! Fancy taking everything, even the childrens homework computers. Oh Diane, I just don't know what to say. At least they're just things that can be replaced.