Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Grateful Already

The beginning of the season of Thanks.
Lynsey's first grade turkey performance at school..totally adorable!!
She is the front row smallest blond green one, in boots :)
 Carol came by with this happy pick-me-up..Thank you Carol.
Loved the visit. too...Carol is working with refugee placement here in Charlotte,
Of course that is after her all day job as a speech therapist in the schools!!!
And, Carol went to the local Syrian bakery..to eat yummy things and to give support.
It is hard to be a citizen of your adopted country and listen to the recent backlash.
 Evan...having his first sleep over ever in his new room.
Siblings are at their aunt's house...Evan is growing up.
He is using the one lonely I-pad, which thankfully, he had left in the car.
Zoe is thrilled to be invited.
 Healthy food fabric put away, potholders delivered to the chef at school.
Now I am looking for my bug fabric..All reorganized, I am afraid.
I found this much...Our Orkin guy...needs bug potholders...right??
 He is the best...He came to my dear man's funeral.  
He also leads martial arts...so of course, ninjas on the back...hee hee
Taking a wild chance on scrap binding...left over from my sister...
I am going to try to get at least one side on tonight..and tomorrow do the bug potholders.
I  know I have more bug fabric.  Lost to tidy...Tidy is not all it is cracked up to be.

A HUGE Thanks to Cousin Ann for the  new Fabric.com gift certificate..
.She really understands the need for therapy around here...xxxooo

Today I signed a contract for a CPI security system...
Evidently the big, bad  dogs are not enough.
Luck brings a Black Friday special with all parts and instillation free with cameras and all.
Pictures on my I-phone and $50 a month...Perfect...The technology is amazing. 

 All pictures are on the cloud, so if the bad guys steal the camera..tough for them..'
CPI marketing is something else too...
The minute the police report went out...a marketing rep was at my door, unsolicited!!.
Really...I am glad.
My son called today.  I asked him to please turn himself in ...nothing to do with my break-in.
He said that he makes more money for his habit panhandling,
 than he would breaking in for electronics.
It is all pretty sad.
Tonight is the beginning of the holiday season and durn it...We will enjoy it!!
I am grateful already


ES said...

hugs and kisses for you all xxxooo

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

The concert looked lovely, Evan enjoying his sleep over as well. Your bug fabrics are fun and the backing is really great. You have inspired me to make some pot holders as presents this year.

Anita M said...

I have been away from Bloglovin for a while. When things get a little rough in my world I retreat. Have been reading what's been happening in your world....I don't have words to make it better...I admire your spirit, your passion for your beautiful grandchildren, I know the pain a mother feels when you can't fix your broken child. My thoughts are with you...I completely get the whole potholder thing. What useful sanity savers they are. Take care - love, light and peace from the land of Aus.

Karaquilts said...

And I am grateful also ~~ for you in my life. You are an amazing woman and a special one as well. Thank you as always for sharing so beautifully. Enjoy your tomorrow all day long. hugs

http://thankfullga447 said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. A fabric.com gift card, yippee.