Sunday, November 22, 2015

For Bea and Me

I am Woman, Hear me Roar...
Bea  and I are going to survive....We are going to thrive...We are going to do the right thing..
Bea and me...
After her comment on my blog, I said...Get with it girl...
You will role model for these  kids.. that we just keep on going.

So, like anyone would,  I made potholders.
Potholders instead of UFOs...
Potholders instead of WIPs..
Potholders instead of whining...
Cuz I felt like it.

I found a little bag of scraps from Cotton and Steel...
I liked that first line so much that I saved every itsy bit.
How handy...potholder tops made here in 10 min.  Sooo fun!!

Tomorrow a school day..TBTG....Up at 6:30...the they go.
I was going to do paper plates on Thursday.
But, now...NO...I will carry on with the routine of using
Christmas we always do...for the kids .

My brother is coming with his wife and their 17 cats in their van.
More excitement.
Chin up...and celebrate Thanksgiving..
Because we are Thankful.
DIL gave her first speech ever at her Narcotics Anonymous meeting.
She called with the news that she did a great job.
So thankful and so proud.
Good night.


Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Oh poor you, I hope things improve soon. I was pleased to hear of your DIL achievements. Your sister looks to have settled in well to her new home.

Karaquilts said...

Ahhh, the reviving potholders! How I love the things that working with fabric does for our hearts and minds. Sew in, Mrs O'Quilts !!! Me too. I FINALLY finished a simple WIP yesterday and prepared the backing today. I feel better too. Yea for DIL ~ ~ Enjoy your brother (and the cats??) I'm thankful for you and your family.

Mary said...

17 cats...? I do hope that was an exaggeration. Just keep on keeping on. You will get through this.

Rachaeldaisy said...

If anything can help its 17 travelling cats!!

m. said...

I love the potholders! Especially that lion fabric.
Do celebrate Thanksgiving, and your grands, and your DIL's success! And keep sharing with us.