Thursday, November 19, 2015

Good Morning

Woke up befuddled.  Raining...going back to sleep
My friends are getting sick of my moods and my neediness.
I do not blame them.
I see that someone knows how to take care of age 16.
She prefers wool batting too.
Everyone has an opinion on my grief.  No one knows about my grief.
I do not even know.
And, here we have it....

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Karaquilts said...

I saw the "sewciopath" quote yesterday and loved it!! It really fit me to a tee! and I know you share the same addiction. Such pleasure in sorting and choosing those fabrics, and then in getting the wonderful bundle in the mail to be touched and stroked and arranged and rearranged. We take our pleasures where we can.

today will be better.