Sunday, November 15, 2015

Shake it up Sunday

Shake it up Grandma!!
Finished widow book number 12...

Here is a look at blocks from Mr. O'Quilt's shirts.
 Had a lovely lunch with a lovely lady!!
Voila, Tori...11 months old.
We both spilled our food.
Neither one of us cared.
 Birthday present delivered.
Party enjoyed.
 A pocket and a dear lining fabric.
Why, pray I still defend parting with my fabric favorites..??
Saturday visit and movie with Mommy.
 I miss my man.
 I miss my daughter.
There is the best peppermint bark (HT brand)  ice cream in my freezer.
Equilter has free shipping.
I have no will power.


Courtney said...

Your quilt is coming along so nicely! And I love that tote bag. I hope the birthday girl appreciates that lining fabric - I love those laurel wreaths! It's hard to let go of good fabric. Which is downright silly, but true. I hope you had a nice weekend. It's great to see the kids all copied up with their mom : )

smazoochie said...

Oh my word, the eyes on that adorable baby!
It must warm your heart to see this kids with their Mom. How I wish their Dad could win his battle.
I am so in love with the 16-patches. They will be a bit -- just a bit -- like a hug from your Fintan.
Soldier on.