Wednesday, August 10, 2016

All in a Day's Work

Old Grandma is quilting...working..having a good time.
I found these fun Plus blocks...added a few tonight.
 Two quilts finished...just need a bit of snipping and a wash.
You certainly did not lose much time did you????
The littles went off with JP today to the park and Chick-Fil-A
Such a nice break for me to go to Toast for brunch with my girl.
Wednesday night quilting..a gab and wine fun.
And now, a show and tell..
All told from the top of the roller coaster...I know, I  know...
One has to get down one in crash!!!!
But, just for today I am way ok..

Did I tell you that I had turned a corner...If I have two tummies instead of what!!
If I am 68 instead of what!!
You do not like it???  Then just walk on by.
I have a new knee..I am woman!!
 Hear me Roar...
I am alive!!

Cute Tula Pink short...for Bernina


ES said...

Sorry to hear about Pumpkin. X
Your crosses are looking cute :)

Mystic Quilter said...

I read your post on Pumpkin yesterday, I felt so sad for you, we lost our 18 yr old Daisy last December. Couldn't believe Tigger , no time waste at all was there? Pleased you are having good times even though there are still sad times for you.