Friday, August 26, 2016

Comfort and Value..

Nothing sewn together here...just pushing the limits..

Grandma O'Quilts home with old dogs and old cat..
Her comfort level is certainly not about middle school open house.
Actually, it is not about middle school mouth either...
TBTG for Katie...Her kind heart came with me.
She does not realize that I needed her so...then,maybe she does.

Throwing it all into my quilting, pushing value and color outside my comfort level.
Nice red border should finish this off.

A lovely dinner out with a widow friend...she also doesn't like it.
 Hanging with widows instead of her man.
Really now..who ever dreams that widowhood will be in their future?
 That it really could be them??

Going to watch a movie now..
Did you know that the DVD player has to be plugged in???
Did you know that the remote needs batteries??
We have fleas...Jeeze...
Funny how the hour of day changes it all.
This morning I was full of gratitude.
This evening I am full of sadness and crank..again....

My son went into treatment in the mountains last week.
This week he is out...
My DIL needs a cancer screening.
My daughter is helping her with Obamacare as she has no insurance.
Please forgive me for the whine...
If the wine is not red, then it should not be in print at all.
Such is my Friday night lament...Ah...well...


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I like your choices for the alternate blocks and the setting triangles. Red border sounds good too.

Karaquilts said...

Looking back at your quilt a second and third time, how about NO border and just a patterned red binding?? Sort of complete the modern feeling of the pieces. Since you're pushing comfort zones with this one :):)

Just sip the whine, it goes down smoother that way !! hugs

smazoochie said...

Little things -- and not so little things -- can add up. Lean on your friends & loved ones for strength.
I am hoping for the best for your DIL. I keep hoping your son will find a place to help him beat his demon.
Let you patchwork help & heal you.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Oh yes, I like this layout very much!!