Thursday, August 25, 2016

The O'Quilt grands go to school open house and Grandma becomes unglued.

Time for a new project.  Spare scrap log cabin blocks.
Of course, it was not enough to put them up on the design wall, but tonight
after a crazy open house at school...I had to experiment with colors.
 Then I got cranky!!
 OK...I got crankier.....!!
 Let it go Diane...too late at night to make a decision...grrr
Of course then....I got into the M&Ms Katie gave me...and I had just lost 13 pounds...
Now I have a stomach ache bed with me.!! the cool zippy pouch that Katie gave me.
Yesterday's fun around the O'Quilts' household included having my van window replaced..
.Oh, my the crack was something to behold...
The replacement process was better than going to the movies for the grands.!
The installer was so kid friendly..

Me thinks that my nerves are shot.
I went to open house with our first grader and 2nd grader tonight.
Stephanie came with me and Evan came with me to carry all the school supplies.
Still Grandma O'Quilts became unglued.
The good news is that they have awesome, carefully picked teachers..

The noise...the clatter...the meeting of new staff...the delivering of supplies..
Something must be wrong with me..No one else seemed  noise impaired.
Tomorrow is Evan's turn, at middle school..TBTG Katie is coming with me.
Mona sent this link...reminding me of just yesterday when my dear man, the kids and I huddled under mattresses in the hallway while the frightening wind howled.
.I will never ever forget Hurricane Andrew.
The infrastructure was street signs, no electricity for a month in hot Miami..all the medication died with no refrigeration, no gas, no laundry, no money, trees down.  
We were lucky.  We had our lives and a roof.
We sold our house in 10 days and we were out of there, headed to Charlotte, NC where my sister lived.
Hurricane Andrew

That is for sure.


Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I too sometimes come unglued in crowds, noisy places. Even at a quilt festival, just too many people, I had to go and have a coffee, take deep breaths and took on one isle at a time. I was at my allotment picking runner beans half an hour ago, just me and the swallows, it was bliss.
I love your log cabins on point, so dramatic.
Good luck for your next foray into school.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I'm loving those grouped log cabins on point!! Yes to the red! It's good katie is going with you for the next round of noisy open house. I can't imagine how scary a hurricane would be. I'm happy you're now in Charlottetown.

smazoochie said...

Your have gone through so much! Try to remember that & rely on your strength of experience.

smazoochie said...

p.s. 13 pounds! Yay!