Saturday, August 20, 2016

Potholder Play....

Dylan, age 6, finished his very first potholder.  He did it all with me.  He put his hands on my hands and felt, good about sewing with Grandma.  He learned about the presser foot and the cutting button, about right sides together and lining things up...He picked out all the scraps and a Dr. Suess backing.  So proud!
It is for his Aunt Brandy who invited him for the weekend.
Remember this???
Our trip to Foust last year...
So  exciting to have bits of cute scraps for my potholders:
Sold by the pound...they seemed almost free!
No Xanax needed  here...It is creating potholder time!
My wonderful DIL took her two children for school shoes this morning.
And, then for a movie.  Two and a half years clean, she is a totally  new person.
I am grateful..because now I can go to the movies with friends too!!
Last night a Black Belt Boot Camp for my grands.  They got very high scores on push-ups and board breaking.  I am amazed, especially at 7 year old Lynsey.  She did 25 push-ups this morning to show us.  The pediatrician was thrilled at how physically fit my grands are...wahoo!!!
Before my DIL came this morning, Lynsey and I played Old Maid.
 Above we have...loving to win!!
And below we have...just having a great morning.
I found these cool card holders online for their small hands.
And a great grief post.
Stifled Grief


m. said...

Yay for you and your fabulous grands!! They are precious! And so blessed to have you in their lives! All of them learning to sew, to make things. That's a lifetime of therapy, plus useful life skills! And three cheers for your lovely dil. Happiness all around. Keep up the good work.
(And, by the way, the girls have curtains and I'm back home. On to the next project. Someday, I have hope, I'll quilt again. In the meantime, I may make a few mug rugs.)

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Great pot holder, another fine sewist in the making. You have lovely talented grandies thanks to you and your DIL and other rellies. Pleased that health is also improving.

Ellen Guerrant said...

Oh such wonderful words today on your blog, sweet Diane. You are making terrific progress and together with your dear, dear grands, lifting each other up. What sweethearts they are! My Leven and I have begun sewing, too. Isn't it wonderful?


smazoochie said...

I love all the little sewists in your home! So cute!