Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Muldoon's Believe it or Not

In life it seems that we find forks in the road everywhere we turn...
This quilt started out red and ended up black.
Does not mean that it is better, just means it is different than what it started out to be.
I am a fool for scraps..
The backing which I have been hoarding for years...maybe 8??
Had to force myself to use crazy.
Oh, I hate to be wrong...
From 54,678 people around the world..including a 3 year old girl at a restaurant...
I heard that my new whale fabric...was full of sharks!!!!  
Can u believe that????
Fine, but FYI....I still love it and I am not one bit scared.!!!

Please, please, give me your email address so I can reach you privately...

Four days till my girl leaves...I know she has her own exciting life.  
I am so proud of her.
Today we went to lunch and did a Costco run.
We stocked up on all the heavy buys, like water, animal food and school snacks.

My friends basted this "black" quilt tonight..
.Now, the stack of unquilted, yet basted quilt tops, is almost to the ceiling.

Middle school homework for LD/ HD/HD Evan was a nightmare...tears..etc.
He has a 504 plan...I know that it is just a few days into it all...but...
Counselor and meetings are being scheduled.
Queen Katie to the rescue again..again xxoo


ES said...

I looked at that new fabric again, yes! It's sharks!! Haha! Your quilt top looks great :) very scrappy. The kids homework sounds hard. I dread homework! My eldest starts school in Feb, not too far away! I will miss her! X

ES said...

I'm waiting for a box of fabric to arrive from America, I ordered it in a blurry sleep deprived moment last week, I got 20% off everything so that felt good!!

Julia Wood said...

Love this quilt!!!!

Karaquilts said...

The quilt turned out so beautiful! I love the black stripey border ~ ~ and oh,yes the backing is luscious. I have a hard time parting with some of my fabrics, too ~ ~ and the ones too gorgeous to cut may not be cut in my lifetime!!!

The quilt is a great metaphor for our lives, isn't it? Things often don't turn out as planned and yet they are beautiful. Hang tough with the little man, Evan. He will figure it out.


m. said...

I wouldn't have thought to try it, but I love that black and white border! The whole quilt looks great!

smazoochie said...

I love that your fabric took you to a place you were not expecting.
This is why Mr. O'Quilts told you, "go sew." He knew you were not just working with your hands but also with your head & heart. You are removed for a while from worries of middle school homework, daughter & son-in-law leaving, etc, etc.
Well sewn, dear.