Monday, August 8, 2016

Sweet Memory Lane

Evan and Lynsey at Halloween forever ago with my son and my DIL

 My grandmother collected pigs forever.
  She often mentioned how she loved pigs and how smart they were.
 Growing up in Sweden as a young child, it was one of her chores to feed the pigs.
So for Christmas in 1978???  I made this for her.   I always loved it.
This embroidered cat pattern was from Better Homes and Gardens magazines...
in the late 70's, I think.
I would trace the pattern on muslin blocks and mail them from my home in Miami to my grandmother living in Arizona.  Grandma was in her late 80's, early 90's.  She would complain that her eyes were not so good any more and that I expected too much from her. Yet each time, I would have them all back in like two weeks.  My mother told me to keep sending
A treasure for me, as my grandmother was a role model to help me keep fighting.
 This easy quilt is one of my favorites of all times, that I have made..
My purple "X" block
 This wonky quilt of mine won 4th place in our show...
NO ONE won first, second or third...
My vintage collection of potholders...
 This is the only perfect present that I ever found for my brother and his wife.
At one time they had 20 cats in their "no pet" apartment in Miami.  I made each cat a small stocking for Christmas. is all about Love.
How about a shout out to my dear friend, Bea...
Bea at Bea's Hive
For source of dignity, grace and strength.


m. said...

I just wrote you a nice long comment. I must have somehow deleted it. Let me just say, this post was delightful, cute, funny, bittersweet, awe-inspiring and thought provoking. Love the Mama Pig and her piglets, love the hand embroidered quilt you made with your grandma, the purple quilt inspires me, the wonky quilt story made me laugh out loud! (I love the quilt, but seriously? 4th place, with no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd?). Love the potholder collection...especially the cat and mouse! Still hoping for your son to break free of his addictions. What a blessing it would be to his family! And thank you for introducing me to Bea! Now I must make a trip to her "hive". Bless you!

smazoochie said...

I remember that fourth place/no first place quilt, it may have been early in our bloggy communications.
I can be nice, going through old photos, something I don't do much, now that they are mostly digital.
Those cats! The pot holders! We are truly unrelated sisters!