Monday, August 29, 2016

Working?? ..or not so much

Sew...the end is near.. I so so so wanted to use the flowering border for an Asian look.
It just did not work.
The orange striped batik works better..Busy is not always best.
The most important part of the quilt is always...for me..
stabilizing the quilt with an on grain the one inch black safety pins.
It certainly swallowed up inches of bias from the lazy black and white triangles.
Wonder how a bright orange or yellow would look on the back??
Maybe a yellow is getting a bit I look at this post, really neither of them work..jeeze...not the look I had in mind....

Had a lovely brunch with my girl yesterday morning.  I savor each bit of time as in just a few days she heads out for a big adventure, following her dreams.  I was going to go home for an unneeded  nap, but instead headed for JoAnn's fabric store to find camping fabric...Alas, I found none...( I am cheap on the price anyway) I did find some adorable whale fabric on sale for $5 a yard plus a 20% off coupon...Yes!!  Lucky me still had some of the gift card from dear Michelle at Christmas...I am so grateful...a treat for sure.

Jeeze Louize...getting a grip...again...I decided to get another cat.
 I filled out an application at PAWS adoption
I even went to Pet Smart to see the cat I wanted..
Alas.. they rejected me!!
 I said that I would let the cat out for supervised outside play....
 and because the cat I have is inside/ outside.
I am depressed.
I called two Humane societies in both Union and Mecklenburg Counties..
They have the same rule.
So I guess they would rather euthanize cats than give one to me.
That my cats live usually 12 to 16 years is no matter.
Now, where do I go???
Well, let's just say, that I have re-done my application...
I thought the cat would lift our spirits..
Maybe it was a message...then, maybe I will just check out the shelter.

Tonight my daughter and daughter-in-law saved the day.
 My girl made cookies..healthy..mmm mmm good,
And she made dinner.
My DIL served the dinner and did the first day of school homework..
DIL even did hard reading with kids who hate reading and cleaning the kitchen.
The grands would so prefer that she play with them and help them slide by the rules.

But, she is changing...TBTG and I am so grateful.
Katie came by ...You know that superwoman always knows when to save the day!!
The minute the darlings were on that bus...back to bed went old grandma!!!
I even skipped my WW meeting for a yummy Mexican treat with MP...
Deep inside, Grandma O'Quilts knows the good life.


MariQuilts said...

That's the craziest thing I have ever heard....about the cat that is. So they make it harder to become a cat owner than to become a parent. Sometimes one just has to shake their head.

I'm glad to hear you are getting some quilting in.

Take care

m. said...

I like your quilt. And, yes, to getting something to stabilize those bias edges. I am sorry about your cat problem. It seems crazy. We still seem to have lots of kittens available from individuals for adoption. But less than in the "old days". Perhaps the spay/neuter push is making a difference.
And, by the way, your grands are looking more grown up! Good looking kids. Blessed to have you in their lives!!

myrtovl said...

I wish I could export you some cats from Greece, we have so many homeless everywhere, thanks god there is always somebody in each neighborhood who undertakes to feed them!
Your grands are so cute! Wish them a happy new school year!

Karaquilts said...

I agree with your border assessment! The orange stripe is very settling. I think it will be a striking quilt when you are finished. Sometimes the border decisions have to be pondered for a few days. Or at least mine often take more than a few minutes. I do look at them for a while to be sure. And I don't always trust my judgement :) My grans are a good source of advice (whether I take it or not, they always have an opinion ~ ~ now where would they get that trait????)

A kitten might be fun ~ ~ ~ surely someone has a kitten to give away somewhere nearby.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I love the stripy border, it is looking so good. Your grandies will have a lovely new year at school with you, their mum and others to support them. Good luck to your daughter on her adventure. I love your new fabric, ours is so expensive in the u.k. I have to restrain myself on material just to stroke and pat.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Why can't the cats go outside? Is it because they'll eat the birds? It's great to hear your DIL is there helping out and having time with the children. Wonderful to see you had a whale of a time at JoAnns.