Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Question for Grandma O'Quilts

The children will be staying still another day and night at their cousins..
They love it so.
See the scissors...??  Do you know the temptation now?????
SIGH.. I think these precious ones cut thru duct tape!!
 Evan...Please  make Grandma some bobbins.
Grandma....look at the mess you have made of my sewing table..
Sorry Evan
 Amn't I a good Grandma!!
 From the bottom of the found these.
 And, I found this...I think these are all from the jelly roll I made
at the nursing home last  year when I was recovering from my June knee surgery.
 Look at the sloppy job I did cutting the jelly roll apart..
I put in the green lattice tonight...looks like the wave..
That's what happens from living in the bottom of a basket for a year.
I think I will wait until tomorrow for any more work on this.
Things could go from bad to worse late at night.
Decision time...hmmm


Karaquilts said...

I think I hear a riddle coming ~ ~ something like: How many packages of Oreos does it take to replace Evan's birthday package?

Thanks for the inspiration of organization and creativity and chuckles for today.

I have to confess. It has been years since I celebrated a holiday with family. I stay away from the places and situations (day before shopping, etc) that make me sad and find a variety of ways to indulge my time alone as if it were a treat. Sunbathe for hours (not so much anymore), read a book cover to cover without interruption (YES!), dream up a new quilt project and audition a variety of fabrics ~ ~ which requires me to investigate all manner of piles of fabric!!! Eat whatever, whenever I want ~ ~ sleep all day, quilt all night ~ ~ well, you get the idea :) Have some personal adventures!

Mystic Quilter said...

Now would you like to come along and clean up my sewing station??