Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Today was the day...and more....

I think my sister loves me
She brought my favorite flowers to cheer me up

Today was the day:

That my sister agreed to take 7 year old Dylan to the dentist.
That his 8 year old sister threw a fit insisting that she had a tooth ache too.
and that the dentist wants her too and that Dylan is clearly our favorite OMG
That I found out that my son lied to me.
That my sister had to do my grocery shopping because my pain was too great..
That my daughter listened to my woes in great support.
That I wanted to double my Tramadol, but did not.
That I could  have eaten an entire bag of Oreos and drank a few glasses of wine.
But, I had neither!!
That MP cheered my day by having a bday party at quilting tonight.


MP's birthday party at quilting:  given by
Our talented group...this apron made by her sister, Muggs..
 Jewelry holder made by Sherry

 Death by Chocolate cake made by Marie
 Drenna's present.. a quilting tray..

Drenna also gifted Margaret her birthday present..all finished.
 This was made from a jelly roll.
Nancy and I gave this as part of my present
MP loved it.
I filled it with a doily made by my grandmother
and two holiday potluck bowl covers,
one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas.
Getting ready!!!
Wrapped the present in vintage type fabric 
with 2.5 inch strip as bows..
We pinned and trimmed the table cloth MP is making for her party table..
Batiks are so pretty..

Last but not least.. Grandma O'Quilts with her karate chickens..
And a faded memory of the Grande Dame, my mother.....age 92 out on the town.
They say that Lincoln said that folks are always as happy as they mean to be...
Or something like that.
Thank God for friends and family.
This article is very helpful to I keep waiting for my old self to re-emerge.


Cotton Farmer said...

Look at you with those grands. They are so blessed to have you in their lives! And what a fun birthday celebration!

I see a lot of spunk (or moxie😉) in your mom. I see that same spirit in you! Good for you for choosing well as you wait for your surgery!

And, enjoy those pretty flowers!

Karaquilts said...

What a full day you had! Glad the hours were filled with beauty and positive strokes to help counteract the other strokes.

and you are now another day closer to August 7!!! It will come. I promise you. It will come.

More hugs ~ ~ ~

Mystic Quilter said...

Your day sounds just wonderful - apart from the news of your son, I am sorry to read that. Good for you not taking a double dose of Tramadol and keeping off the Oreos and wine!!
Emailing you later Diane.

Cjsmimi said...

You are such a good communicator of what you're feeling. Some positive and some not so much. It surely seems that you and the grands are blessing each other. They are beautiful children and you are a beautiful lady! Sending positive vibes your way and hoping that August 7 speeds up for you...not me...too many things to do before then...50th HS Class Reunion in Michigan (should be fun or maybe horrible, who knows!) ;-) XXOO