Sunday, July 16, 2017

Moxieburt and Me

Surviving the third night alone with my hip, my Tramadol, my cane and my vino.
My friend, Kara...says that pain is a thief..stealing hope and perspective and more.
Thank you Kara, for understanding.
Here is the field where my man's spirit is..the morning dew., the afternoon rain..
I love it, outside my sewing room window.'
Nancy texted to say that she was on the way to Goodwill with baskets.
I not bother...I love clutter:)
Pay attention friends, You might get one for
Friendship is books coming just in the nick of time.
Muggs and Katie have saved me..over and over again.
Out of the blue, I miss my mother.
All things happened at once at my house..
No break for the weary.
It would be lovely now to have a glass of wine
and a lovely chat with my dear ol' ma.age .93..

OMG  This picture is from 2012...18  months before she died...How in the world did I think  her age did  not show???  Talk about how a person's spirit transcends their looks..
And, of course denial..
My mother loved dogs.....Zoe came to visit.
I am a fabric show off...Always  have been..
Above and below...a little cheery visit to Equilter is equal to a Tramadol or two.
 Checking out some stash for the holiday makings..

Peter said I had moxie.  That was a wonderful compliment.
Like mother, like daughter.
My mother's email address was Moxieburt!


Mystic Quilter said...

You have a wonderful pile of books there Diane, I have the Christine Barnes one, had it for years and love it. Settle yourself down with a hot cup of tea, take your pain meds and have a good read!
Nice fabric purchases, just think when you've recovered from your hip surgery you can get busy on the machine with these.

Karaquilts said...

Ohh, great stack of books, great tumble of fabric ~ ~ and HOPE for the days after the next/last surgery to complete the bionic woman you are becoming!!! Those kiddos won't know what hit them when their dear Gran is mobile and strong and quilting again! I wait with you for that day :) Hugs