Sunday, July 23, 2017

How a Quilter Prepares for Surgery

She sews..!!!
It is not in the Ortho Carolina pre-surgical manual.
What do they know??

I am only supposed to bring my insurance cards and  my drivers license..
So I made a wrist bag to carry them in.
This is the first time I have used the cool gold glitter--see through vinyl
Cousin Ann sent me from London.
It is perfect and gives me great cheer.
 My collection of Velcro included this matching red...
I used Batik for this quick bag because it does not fray.
 Filled with essentials...
I added my keys and my phone..
In 12 hours I will be under the surgical lights.
I felt that I should sew instead of fret.
Dr. McCoy has done my knee, and my shoulder too.
I will be under the care of the best.for this hip.
And so my friends, I sign off.
Believe me I would never,ever be looking forward to surgery
if my pain were not so bad.


myrtovl said...

All my best wishes for a quick recovery, I'll be waiting for your next post!
Love, Myrto

ES said...

Amazing glitter purse! Good luck Diane x

Karaquilts said...

Cutest little bag! Very clever of you :) and a great way to count down to the BIG BIG day! Can't wait to hear news of your fabulous recovery. This one is going to be the easiest recovery yet ~ ~ ~

Teresa said...

Praying all goes well with your surgery. The little tote is perfect and oh so cute.

Margo said...

Ohhhhh my! Came to check on you and saw that you are headed for another surgery! You are surely bionic by now! Make sure those grands help you around the house! Sending you most positive thoughts for an easy recovery and that you are back at sewing in no time! Looking forward to seeing your next post so we know how you are! Much love from Calgary, Alberta Canada! Huge Hugs, Margo

Cjsmimi said...

Very sweet little bag!
Sending you love and hugs, friend, along with lots of time to dream of the quilts that you'll soon be putting together and sewing! :-)