Monday, July 3, 2017

Crazy Scrap Quilting

Today I know that this is my life.  If I want to sleep all day and quilt all night, I will.
So, there..'The inside tape that runs through my brain:
"Idle hands are the work of the devil"
No one said it....I just feel it.
I vow to be grateful...
Thank you Kara for your inspiration.
Now...on to the quilt with no hope..or..
Maybe, a little hope.
A jelly roll made of scrap 2.5 inch strips...
Last year when I took my machine to the nursing home
to help my new knee replacement.heal.
I made a jelly roll quilt.
I cut it all up and have finished one so far...
This is crazy, uneven challenge number two.
 Fabric is funny....the zig-zag green in the cross lattice, I hated.
The border fabric was crazily unloved...yet...
The miracle of fabric, is that there is a place for it all.
Just like people...a place for everyone.
.I have these left for another challenge.
Giving me hope in the morning light...
From my sewing room window...the dawn has come and
Morning has Broken..
Enjoy the two links below.
I love you Rachel..and how brilliant you are.
Thank  you for sharing the stunning quilts from the Sydney show.
Rachel at Blue Mountain Daisy
And, as for Marc and Angel...I was hoping for an easier route..
But, this is the truth...and a helpful reminder..
Two things to do for happiness, Marc and Angel Hack


Mary said...

Thank you for the links. I enjoyed both of them. And, I love your green challenge. It all works beautifully.

http://thankfullga447 said...

I love how you accomplish so much with your quilting. I too have my nights & days mixed up.

Mystic Quilter said...

I like what you've done with the jelly roll, I also like the bright green border fabric! Most of all I love the view from your sewing room window and I too love to be up and about to watch the dawn and sunrise.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I like what you say about the miracle of fabric. I'm here binging your posts, and thinking that I love having you as my friend, and then I read that you love me. it made me do a double take as though I'd imagined it. How funny is that!!! A thousand hugs to you my lovely friend.