Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Birthday America

I love this vintage piece.
For years, I have been  putting it into a quilt, but I like it too much the way  it is.
Someone is growing up...
Shucking the corn for the dinner.
Daddy came with small fireworks for his children.
TBTG it was raining...so safe enough.
I was so sad to be spending a holiday alone when Eamon said he wanted to come.
Kids came home and we did it.
All that sadness for nothing...crazy Grandma.
Old Grandma was a bit anxious, but what else is new.
I gave ms Stephanie some money to take my son to Walmart for new shoes and socks.
Being homeless does a number on a persons feet.
Because I practiced my program, it was a lovely day.
Like they say:
Yesterday is history
Tomorrow  is a mystery
and today is a gift...
Crazy is done...
 This is the backing...crazy too...
My girl climbing Trinity Alps in Northern Calilfornia.
Three days backpacking and camping...They are in heaven.
Her man and the view.
 My girl, not eaten by a bear and not eaten by a tick.
Now they are farm camping in Ashland, Oregon...
On someone's farm with animals galore...that's my girl.
She is so good about calling Mommy.and sharing her life.
Tonight the dog is asleep, the cats are asleep
The children are asleep
Fireworks are loud and ongoing.
The sounds of a celebration
And, not sounds of a war zone.
Too bad one has to think of that now.
Counting the days till my ortho appt next Wednesday.
A lot to celebrate at casa O'Quilts.


Karaquilts said...

Oh, that Lynsey is a beautiful girl! I love Patriotic sundresses. and I'm glad you were able to see your boy despite the circumstances. Hurray for you and your good day and adventurous but connected girl!

Mystic Quilter said...

Yes, Lynsey is definitely growing up - a lovely girl! It must be very difficult for you to see your son homeless but so good that he was able to come along and share some of the day with you and the children. Bless you for arranging socks and hoes for him.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Its always good to hear your daughter hasn't been eaten by a bear, and ticks. I like hearing about your son too, I'm happy he has new socks and shoes. Sometimes its nice to have vintage pretties, they don't need to be turned into something, they are already something to admire.