Friday, July 7, 2017

The O'Quilt Blues (and whites)

Last of the jelly roll scramble...just working it now..
Nothing finished..nor measured!!

Stitch checking out the color for himself...very see...
My grand-girl helper.
Lynsey is totally proud that she is like Ms Stephanie.
They fold things together...This girl has the skill-set..
She was so proud to show me...She did the bottom part and
Stephanie did the top
As you I cannot use my whites!!!!
What if Grandma  messes them up????
The wrath of Ms Lynsey!!!

Surgery scheduled for August 7...complete hip replacement...
Again................  OMG.
I had the bloodwork done today, hoping to be on the cancellation list.
Pain in my hip is radiating down my leg..pain and more pain.
I have difficulty walking, lifting my leg to drive the car, sleeping.
If all goes well on August 7, I will have had 4 surgeries in 14 months.. me.
But...this is the midnight hour...what if this...and what if that.
And, my man is not here to help me.....
No..Mrs. O'Quilts...just go to bed..
We all know.the sun shines brightly in the morning.

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Mystic Quilter said...

Oh yes, you're definitely going to be in trouble if you mess with the fabrics now!! At least things will be all nice and tidy with your fabric storage when you're back in action after your have your new shoulder!
The thoughts come thick and fast at the midnight hour, very difficult to press the off switch!!