Friday, July 21, 2017

Grandma O'Quilts July Vacation.

You know that poor Mrs. OQuilts never gets a vacation...although Easter  in Cheraw was wonderful, South Carolina, that is.....
Some friends go to Europe, some take rides in the country...some to the beach..
Grandma O'Quilts cannot even ride in a regular car..her joints hurt so..
.She gotta do a van.
 Just sayin'

But, Monday...she is going somewhere...somewhere special.
There  has been a vacancy at the Mercy Resort in downtown Charlotte.
OrthoCarolina hip, knee and shoulder center.
Yup..Monday morning at 7:30 am, this grandmother will once again be under the knife!!
A brand new hip should brighten the horizons quite nicely.

The new shoulder of 4 months and the new  knee of a year will welcome the new hip into the family.
The Doc called today at 4, I went right down for my blood my surgery bracelets..

Wahoo...pls pray that it all goes well.
I couldn't wait to share.

Look what I ordered from China...
I like to be friends with China....
I like to be friends with everyone...
Found this link on Facebook
But I will have to wait until after my surgery to play with them.
They even sent an email with instructions on using each foot.

There is a roach on my wall.  Stitch and Boo are trying to take care of it. is too high for them.  I called the neighbor..not home.
I called my XDIL to bring Lynsey the brave roach killer home...
No dice...It is rough to be a baby-grandma, isn't it. are gone.
But memory flowers picked from the  yard.. are here on my keyboard.

My Dear Girl changed all her flight times to come home..
She and her man have to take different flights...awful..
But love continues...She can get home Tuesday which is terrific at such short notice.
She should be back in time to take me home Tuesday...but we will see.
I feel loved.


Mystic Quilter said...

So, come Monday afternoon you'll have a brand new hip! Just think of all the quilting you're going to be working on with renewed vigour, pain free! Prayers will be coming your way.

Rhonda said...

My prayers & warm thoughts are winging their way to you!!

Karaquilts said...

Oh, yea! Emily is coming too ~ ~ How blessed you are to have such a girl. And I'm so relieved you have a day in sight for surgery. All you have to do now is get through the weekend ~ ~ and I pray it just flies right on by ~ ~ Woo hoo to a pain free you!!!

Peter K said...

You are loved, Diane.

And your great attitude will guide the ortho-magician's hand and your healing.

ES said...

Good luck for the hip operation. Modern medicine amazes me :)

Cotton Farmer said...

Yes! Happy news. Monday is day after tomorrow 😊 Praying for a wonderful recovery following your surgery! And just look at that foot collection. Just last night I was wishing for a chart that shows all my feet and what they are for. I'm not so good at Lee the original packaging.

Cotton Farmer said...
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