Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Suck it up Buttercup #2

Starting the holiday present thing...
Potluck bowl tute..
I have two patterns on freezer paper, a small size and a large..
I usually iron them on the top fabric and then pin other fabrics under.
Unless of course I am just making one, then I put fabric right sides together
with the Rip Stop so it is ready to sew.
After I cut these, I will get out the Halloween and Christmas and Hanukkah fabric.
Nice to have started, at least.
In keeping with my new regime...
I relaxed this weekend.
I sat outside.
I read books.
I slept.
It is called self-care.
I found these library books by Richard Paul Evans...probably books
everyone has heard of.  They are feel good books.
I started with The Walk about a man who had lost his wife.
I found them quite relaxing...so relaxing that I read three this weekend.
I discovered how to relieve the awful pain in my hip while waiting for surgery.
Do nothing...do not walk..do nothing.. OK...

 Monday was something else.
My son called at midnight last night asking me to take him to an
assessment at a treatment facility today..He said he would meet me at the bus stop near my house.
He was sleeping in the woods last night.
Immediate anxiety about the woods part...but it was nothing new..
Today, I did the necessary task and he was thrilled and grateful.
So was I...You never know.

I am so grateful for friends to have lunch with.
Lunch out is my salvation.
My new life...kids off, nap, lunch out, nap, kids home
Reading with kids, sewing.
Really I love this life...
No timeline...no "Shoulds"..

New attitude...Suck it up Buttercup!!!
My grands keep me going...
They are the best!!!

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Karaquilts said...

Well, that sounds like a very good regimen to me! Richard Paul Evans ~ ~ always a good read :) and I do believe in naps. I miss them. They are no longer part of my life. sigh. Take one for me today?? I love the Grans, too. Our hope for the future. Keep on taking care of you.