Saturday, July 1, 2017

Just Sayin' .... Grandma O'Quilts tries harder.

Just back from the grocery store where I bought Evan his new Oreos.
Now, he will never know..unless I eat all these too..Jeeze Louize
The store was hard for me...all families bustling about for holiday fixings.
My friends are mostly gone for fun times elsewhere...
My family...well, they are mostly just plain gone.
Fine...I will open the Oreos...the store is open again tomorrow..
It is 4 pm and I have made no progress at all.
I am setting the timer for 30 min and will report back to myself.
 Above,  duct tape over Evan's Oreos...or what is left...
If you come to least you can sit down now..for now...Yeah!!
Thank you Wanda for the timer idea:)
Never being one to like suffering...I treated myself on Amazon Prime.
The Modern Triangle one is for Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild ideas.
The Patchwork City I read in the library while waiting for the children to finish tutoring.
I loved I splurged.
After my meeting tonight, I will set another 30 min on the
So need ideas on my over flowing scrap baskets...
I adore my scraps...


Sharon said...

You're cracking my up with the duct-taped Oreos! Silly grandma, oreos are for kids! Sorry, couldn't resist that one. :)

I'm glad you've gotten one space cleared off, except for the cat. They can be such a help. The timer is a good idea - I should do that too.

Looks like some good books! I will have to check those out. I succumb so easily to book temptation!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Another tip, fold your scraps and stack them neatly as you organize them. They take up a lot less space that way. Good job on what you have accomplished so far. If I can see even 12 square inches of clean space I'm smiling.

Mystic Quilter said...

Just seen this post - you have made progress - keep it up! Love the duct tape around the Oreos and enjoy your new books.

ES said...

Mint Oreos sound lush! I'm addicted to raspberry cheesecake kitkats at the moment! I need to do some fabric tidying, you're inspiring me :) I've been mindlessly sewing scraps and really enjoying it, I will join them up into a scrap quilt (one day)! X

Cjsmimi said...

You always make me smile, dear lady. Interesting books...especially Modern Triangles.