Friday, August 2, 2019

The O'Quilts Family Hums Along

With the excitement of finishing the Halloween top, I moved Christmas:
Playing with scraps, I started this:
Opening my two boxes of beautiful Christmas fabric...I was amazed.
My heart beats faster when loving fabric.
Here: auditioning a border.

Ava before her surgery.
New sister...Baby Ava has a shunt for her Hydrocephalus., now- a- days it is called catheter.
She had brain surgery at a few weeks old. Now she is 18 months.
Wednesday night, she had another emergency surgery.

They replaced the catheter, which was not inserted far enough in since she had grown...and they cleaned out a clogged valve.  She  now has a 2 inch suture in her scalp.
It was traumatic for everyone...but she came out of it...and is fine.
Her exhausted mommy cannot bring her in public for 10 days.
I sent 14 year old Evan to help them...a for all.
Ava, the next day, after her surgery...on the way home.
Gratitude abounds with our family...We love Ava so much.

 Grandma O'Quilts blood work came back perfect!  Wonderful news.
Tuesday I have my heart echo test.
PT this morning was good...they have scaled back their demands of this old lady!!
I told her sadly that I can no longer roller skate...
She said...then I will take it off your treatment plan!!!
Then off to a lunch with 10 widow friends..YES!!
A little nap and finishing my book on my screened in porch listening to the rain.
Very relaxing..

Tonight the children are folding laundry with me and learning how to wash clothes.
While I am checking my email, Dylan is scrambling  eggs and making jello and Lynsey made cookies from a cake mix.  She went on the Duncan Hines/ Pinterest website to find the recipe.
Lynsey's favorite U-tube channel is Bake-It

Honestly at 9 and 10, I am amazed.

They now are staying up a bit later to honor all their good work.
Camp is over...and everyone wants to chill before school starts.

Things are overwhelming without Stephanie.  She is still recovering from her heart attack. 
We miss her sooo much.

I do not feel like sewing tonight..just starting a new book..or patting fabric.
Signing off Lynsey's cookies are divine and I want my share!!!!

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