Wednesday, November 27, 2019

De-Stressing the Turkey...

Looking forward to Thanksgiving, I forgot how stressful holidays can be.
This new rope bowl obsession is helping me relax.
This experiment was with three ropes for the handles and variegated thread.
I used up the purple that Susie had given me...and some of the red I had left.
Added those to the regular all cotton clothesline...
And, I made the handles 3 ropes much nicer.
I do like this one.  Lynsey is noting the bowls....You know, Grandma, I think that
my teachers would like those bowls better than the extract we are making/????
Really, Lynsey....and you have 4 teachers?????? Dear Dear Dear me!!!
So far, this is the rope that works the best for me..soon I will try it with blue Kool-Aid.
My girl and her man are here for Thanksgiving.  We are having 11 people.
My son-in-law and my daughter are cooking...He is a brilliant cook...I have announced that I will be reading on the porch during that time. Everyone was delighted with that??????  Evidently I bring the holiday
stress with my intense personality...Fine...I will just get out of the way and relax!!!
It is a more difficult transition than I had expected for me.
I have two quilting books from the library to keep me busy!!

Rosie was left in Charlotte for dogs!!
She goes to the Double Dog Ranch in Oregon...They pick her up in a bus at a specific bus stop.
She went last time too.  Last time she was a bit concerned...this time when Rosie
saw the bus coming around the bend to the bus stop...she wagged her tail and could not 
wait to board...amazing...The Ranch posts pictures on Instagram of the dogs having fun.
Emily keeps looking to see how Rosie is doing.
She is always doing great!!..
Rosie is in the back right with her nose peaking above.
Can you imagine a doggie vacation like this!!

I certainly hope that all of you have peace at Thanksgiving.


Mystic Quilter said...

Loving the bowls Diane and have a wonderful day!!

Connie said...

I am fascinated with your bowls, they are fabulous:)