Sunday, November 17, 2019

The See-Saw

Daddy love and my cup runneth over..xo
Mrs. Fox got my Fox, thus up on the design wall went this:
An improv piece I did in Sherrylynn Wood's workshop.
Sometimes despair is so great, a person can only sew one block to
another, no thinking required.
Lynsey and I took our little Blue sewing machines to the Guild Sit and Sew today.
We packed our lunches and met with friends.
Lynsey met a new friend.
Now they are both signed up for sewing lessons with Tawny in January.
Very fun!!!
The weather today was blustery and freezing
My aching joints triggered a loneliness that spiraled downwards.
It became worse when Lynsey wanted to go to a store in the nearby mall.
Perfect  young Grandma strode quickly into the mall... I mean, limped slowly
with her cane.  The mall was packed..really packed.
One would think that Christmas was tomorrow.
Christmas joy without my dear man...?
I have not been in the mall for probably 8 years.
I think I have out grown it!!
BTW, I had to remind myself that really and truly, without a doubt,
I am no longer 40!!
Kathy bought a new travel 12 pound Janome on Amazon.
It does more things than our little blue machines.
She brought it to Sit and Sew today for show and tell.
You know how they say not to go grocery shopping when you are hungry???
Well..the same applies to being tempted by a new sewing machine when
despair engulfs one.
An I-phone is a miracle, so is Amazon Prime.

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