Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Last Day of November......

As I clean up for Christmas, I have found most of my woodcarving collection.
.Thanks to Rich for the gifts.
With the surprise of the holiday stress!!!, I debriefed by making rope bowls.
and rope bowls and more rope bowls...OMG..
Really quite like meditation.
I now have plenty for Lynsey to give out at school
Looks like 16 made in my stress reducing frenzy.
With the creation of these three rope coasters, I have now
finished off every little tiny bit of rope I had...
Way too much relaxation!!!!

Recently, I have felt run over by the folks living in my household.
The recent incident:  I could not watch Netflix in my sewing room.
My clever SIL found my smart TV remote in Evan's room...I was clueless!!!
My roommates seem to think that what is mine, is theirs for the taking..
I have now decorated my newly found remote in nail polish and duct tape that might
be undesirable to a 14 year old...I even tied a big Pumpkin bell on it.
What do you think???  Desperate measures....right??
Thanksgiving done...on to the next holiday
Hanging now, is a red and white Irish Chain.
I made this back in the day when I could do hand quilting.
I see that I included hand quilted stars.

Going through 60 years of Christmas, I am giving things to my daughter who is setting 
up her home in Portland, Oregon. 
My man and I used to collect antique quilts before we adopted our children.
Giving this Christmas lovely to her was emotionally hard...It is circa 1900.
We have owned it for 40 years.
I love it.  It reminds me of our life together, the Mr and me...
Now, it will join the next generation to enjoy.
Last night my girl and her man came home with a big, fluffy real Frasier Fir
Emily put the lights on it...The children will be delighted when they see it.
She said it was a present to lift my spirits since she will be staying in Portland
for Christmas this year..
Lift my spirits, it did...I love it.
Very grateful for my daughter and her man for helping me start Christmas
And for doing Thanksgiving...I am so around the bend that this is such
a surprisingly hard holiday season for me.
They leave this Monday...taking my heart with them., leaving
wonderful memories here and the feeling of being still loved.

My son still rises.
He had the outside Christmas lights up for me to see coming home
from tonight's Saturday night meeting..
My children, totally grown up...helping their mother!!!.

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Julie said...

I know everytime I come to your blog that I will find your voice in your post. Calm and honest, level, heartfelt. I know your heart aches for your missing love, but he is there, I'm sure. Glad the children are growing up, and needling you so with their presence, too. It's good for us as we age. I'm smelling your fir tree from here, and even had a little sneeze to go with it. May the dark days of the season be filled with all the little lights around you!