Friday, November 15, 2019

Flippin" the Switch to Happy

Guess what we found at Aldi tonight.....amongst the bananas and bread???
Fat quarter fabric packs...OMG
The grands were wonderful..At Aldi,they loaded the cart, unloaded the car
and put all the food away when they got home.
Tomorrow Dylan goes to work with his dad.   Evan helps his mom move,
and Lynsey comes with me to Guild Sit and Sew..with her machine, 
her Ipad and her homework. 
Last week helping Carol snip threads at Wednesday night quilting.
Today's happy news was a visit from Susie
Susie has been following my blog for years...
She just happens to live in Charlotte close to me..
Susie gave me a scrap rope bowl she made and taught me how to make them.
She gifted me with more clothesline and inspiration.
We had a great visit which lifted my spirits for sure.
Family love here...Daddy and his girl,,,
Double Stuff for life's difficult days
Thanks Drenna for the cool quilting napkins.

Outside today, was cold and blustery 
Inside was warm and toasty!

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Shasta Matova said...

My sister found those fat quarter packs from Aldi too and got me one of each! They were a great price, quality fabric, and pretty designs and colors.