Sunday, November 24, 2019

Talking About the Process...

About 20 years ago our favorite..great Uncle Kieran... came to the States to visit.
He was 80 years old.  At each family place, he bought and planted a Japanese Maple tree.
This time of year, when our tree is stunning,I always think of him.
He then, went home to Ireland.  
He announced he was done with kidney dialysis so he stopped.
In three days he was dead.  His good heart glows in the fall in our front yard..

Choosing the last border for my rustic 16 patch in turquoise and brown..
Putting it all up on the blog gives me a different perspective.
Oh, my goodness...this is harder than I had thought.
Too bad the turquoise is gone...alas...
Now I usually like stripped borders horizontally...However, this vertical seems the
best bet as the other one is so wonky on this busy quilt...hmm..
Just putting it out there for feedback.
The shock when a quilter realizes that her 50 year old stash is out of wack.
Need more in the dark turquoise range.

My girl and her man's booth at the Irish fundraiser in Portland
Hand carved Santas by him...and home sewn Christmas catnip pouches by her.

Below, my stomach insists that I switch to Rhine wine 
from yummy Red.
Sad...change is hard....
To compensate...Trader Joe's offered me this today:
Peppermint Joe-Joe's
The season's favorite.

A happy thought...a very happy one
My girl and her man arrive soon for Thanksgiving.
Oh, my heart!!


Connie said...

I love the colors and fabric in your quilt. So pretty for this time of the year. I enjoyed the story of your lovely Japanese maple, too.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Mystic Quilter said...

Loving the quilt, the colours echo the beautiful Japanese Maple and what a story behind the gift.