Friday, November 22, 2019

Sew Much Fun at the O'Quilts Place..

Evan and his friends...ninth grade stuff
Emily's catnip toys for the Irish bazaar in Portland.
Queen Bee Sit and Sew....7 machines and way too much fun.
Crowded around my small old table makes it easier to chat.
Teacher presents....homemade.extract...Lemon, Mint and Vanilla
Little bottles have been ordered...and jars are shaken every day for a month.
Recipe for DIY Extract

Grating the lemons.
Dylan separating the mint leaves from the stems.
Lynsey splitting open the vanilla beans
All we needed was a big old bottle of cheap vodka and we were all set.
My new ironing board cover...Take a good will never see it so neat again!!
Mrs and Mr. O'Quilts

Wonderful free tutes and ideas for holiday making:


Michele Bilyeu said...

Wonderful post! Talk about 3 great looking 9th graders,fanulous ideas and so much fun! And then I see you mentioned me! You are the best! And here's your bowl tute which probably answered my questions. That's what I get for spending hours blogging and need reading my favorite yours!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Oh this post made me smile,laugh,and cry. It's all horribly horribly hard and all the stronger and wiser and better must be at the end of our rainbows. But i believe it all, too. It's just hard to live it!