Saturday, November 9, 2019

Just What the Doctor Ordered

The grands are at their mother's house for the three day holiday.
Another vacation for me.
Best day at CMQG
Tonight I worked on a WIP from forever ago.
Had to work on the justify the below new work
Pictures not great...Disappearing nine patch from a saved charm pack plus.
Jean's lighthouse runner made for Muggs birthday.
Jean's divided four patch.
Below...pillow covers made by Muggs
and, scarf made by Sherry..birthday present.

Big and wonderful bargain at Walmart yesterday.
All Halloween 90% off...included were these vinyl tablecloths.
I bought 10...ha ha...Merry Christmas my friends.!!!!!.
Travel design walls for 39 cents each!!!!!
Someone was making American Girl dresses at our CMQG today..
Jean said she had patterns for me to borrow..Yeah!!

My favorite of all...Memory Quilts from Diane (#2) Krebs
From the shirts, pajamas, etc of her long gone uncle..made for family:

In the squares below are shirt pockets

All four of these are wonderful..using pockets and sleeves
There is nothing like a sit and sew with quilting friends..


Mystic Quilter said...

What a wonderful quilty post Diane! The block in your first photo is delightful, and perfect for the small prints. Your second one is just the opposite, bursting with heaps of bright colour!

Robin said...

I love the quilts made from pajamas and shirts of someone's uncle. It feels so good to have a quilt close to you made out of something that was close to that person. I made a quilt for my brother and SIL out of plaid shirts and shorts of their son that died. It just felt so good. That's a hoot about the Halloween tablecloths - so fun. Love the Disappearing Nine patch and the colors you used.