Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Family Affair

With the morning sun, I started in on finishing an old UFO.
The family cooks...Making of the stew..
Dylan scrubbing potatoes and washing carrots.
Lynsey braising the stew meat.
Great learners...this grandma is proud.
Lynsey taking notes from a book I am reading to her.
Homework outside with nice comfy new jacket present...Thank you.
In the bottom corner of this picture is her "yummy" meal from the Pancake House this morning.
Green Grinch pancakes...a fine success. Especially as it left a peaceful sleep for me.
My son and Zoe cleaning the house for my Queen Bee quilting tomorrow.
Lynsey's pink rope bowl from Susie.

Below:  a Portland find!!  A lady who had just bought a new house had this piece
of furniture left by the previous owner.  Free for pick-up..It was so big.
But my girl and her man were able to get it, sand it and start work on it..
It is a perfect fit for their closet and a perfect price.

I am trying to believe this:
I do think it is true...the stronger wiser part..
But, why does it have to be so hard???

Thank you Nancy for the lovely visit..and the patterns and the cookies.
 I am reporting a good day from North Carolina.


Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Very pretty UFO, those brights against the brown, And, what could be sweeter than children in the kitchen? I love that quote so much! Very wise. Glad your day was good! Something to treasure.

Bridget said...

Your UFO has a nice autumn vibe. It looks like your household is running like a top this day. Always a good thing. I haven’t been reading(or writing) blogs, but today am reading for inspiration, and yes, you are inspiring me!

Mystic Quilter said...

Pretty soon it looks like you may be out of two jobs - cooking and cleaning!!!