Monday, March 1, 2021

Life is Just Movin' Right Along...

A painful goodbye, hoping to share the love of music with another family.
My husband's beloved antique piano. I just advertised it yesterday.  No takers yet.
It is over 121 years old.  It has belonged to my man for 50 years. I am giving it away with love. No one here plays music any more. It would be great for a church rec room, etc.

This morning Lynsey went to school, in person,  for the first time in a year.
She came in to tell me good-bye.  I wanted to ask her if she had had a good breakfast, or needed  me to take her to the bus stop.  She said her daddy had it under control.  I had wanted to help her pick out a nice skirt with tights and braid her hair.  But here came Lynsey, her hair in a ponytail, in sports pants and shirt to match. I wanted to ask if she remembered her bus number and how to walk home from the bus stop on the side of the road that  faces traffic.   Instead, I said, you look lovely, have a great day. And off she went to middle school.  And off I went, back to sleep.  Change can be startling.

Aoife on a sunny day in Portland in February.
She is smiling on the back porch...probably the first time she has ever felt the sun.

Today, I went on another adventure to a store.  It is very,very slowly that my walking is improving.  I  have decided to walk in stores, since the ramp is so slippery in all the rain.
Had a pot roast in the slow cooker for dinner tonight.  Lynsey came home from her first day back from school..hungry.  Very hungry..... She wanted to eat salmon (tomorrow night's dinner)  With butternut squash,  So, we made it to celebrate her successful day  Everyone ate up the yummy salmon dinner. 

 We played three rounds of canasta.  When I came back to the table from a break, there was our Lynsey eating a big bowl of the pot roast. 
I did not realize that as they grew, I would be eaten out of house and home???!!!!
Two dinners tonight...What for dinner tomorrow night??

TBTG Emily forgot to cancel the birthday Hello Fresh...Wahoo...Lynsey cooks tomorrow night. Another three days of birthday gift cooking is coming....
I think that getting out of the house after a year and walking is helping all of me..
If Grandma is happy, everyone is happy.

AD/HD  scattered brain, creative,,,etc..etc. I lose everything...everything and without my dear man, it is so much worse... He was so the string to my kite.  Above rotary cutters.  Last year I found an awesome deal on blades.  Of course, I bought 2 packages...Before Covid, when I could not find a cutter, but I could find a 50% off coupon, I would just buy another one...sad to say.  My son found these last night.  He said it was useless to have them without sharp blades.  He replaced every old and blunt blade.  Seven cutters all so nice and sharp.



Cherie said...

I do love a fresh new blade in the rotary cutter. I just wish I could sharpen them all as it seems such a waste to throw them away

Emily said...

Seven cutters with fresh blades! That's fabulous!

Karen said...

I just had my second knee replacement in 4 months. I had been using a cane for 6 years before finally having surgery. I am 66. I have 5 more sessions of PT. I am also having a problem walking without using a cane and feeling secure and like I won’t fall. I was told that by using a cane and not standing straight that I am using body parts that have not been used and I need to be patient. I need to walk...without cane... and that it could take 6 months or more to feel comfortable and just walk normally....whatever that is now! I never anticipated this at all... just thought that after the second replacement that things would go back to what my normal was 15 years ago. Not! So keep on trying...I will... I didn’t go through all this to not be able to have a more normal life. I’m doing all I am told....I guess it does take time....right now my hips or hip area and back hurts more than my new knee! Good luck and don’t give up. I also walk around the food stores when weather outside is bad ( all winter it seems) and also I am lucky to live by the ocean so also walk up on the promenade if nice and there are benches if I need to sit down. Hopefully I will get up enough nerve to walk up and down my street.....I am trying not to even just carry the cane.....I’m told the cane is like my third leg of a stool that I was use in to steady me instead of my leg position. Scary though.

Kaja said...

I think we are all feeling stiff and rusty (literally and metaphorically) after hiding from Covid for so long. Hopefully we will slowly start regaining our freedom in time for the warmer weather. As for growing appetites, I am constantly underestimating how much food gets consumed in my house and it's going to get worse before it gets better.

http://thankfullga447 said...

Kids love to eat, I had 2 boys and they could eat pizza every day. I guess they don't like cereal for an in between. Do you go to Aldi to get milk and eggs; they are reasonable.